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Shortcuts are created to link to commonly used pages easily. By convention, they all start with "WN:" and are written in capitals. They are redirects to the actual page. {{shortcut}} should be used on pages linked to here. While these are very useful, be wary of overuse and note that they may not be immediately understandable to newbies, and very many longtime contributors may be unaware of many as well.

If a shortcut is ambiguous, put a note on top of the page it redirects to, explaining the possible other meanings. Single letter shortcuts may be especially prone to this.

List of shortcuts

This list was updated on August 27, 2023. If some time has passed, check Special:Prefixindex/WN: to see if new entries should be added. Also, add any shortcuts you create here.

Shortcut Actual page name
WN:A Wikinews:Administrators
WN:AAA Wikinews:Admin action alerts
WN:AC Wikinews:Archive conventions
WN:ADMIN Wikinews:Administrators
WN:AG Wikinews:Audio guide
WN:ALERT Wikinews:Admin action alerts
WN:AP Wikinews:Accreditation policy
WN:APL Wikinews:Archived articles protection list
WN:AR Wikinews:Accreditation requests
WN:ARBCOM Wikinews:Arbitration Committee
WN:ACE 07 Wikinews:Arbitration Committee/Elections July 2007
WN:ACE08 Wikinews:Arbitration Committee/Elections July 2008
WN:ARCHIVE Wikinews:Archive conventions
WN:ARCHL Wikinews:Archived articles protection list
WN:AUDIO Wikinews:Audio Wikinews
WN:AW Wikinews:Audio Wikinews
WN:AWB Wikinews:AutoWikiBrowser
WN:BJAODN Wikinews:Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense
WN:BOT Wikinews:Bots
WN:BREAKING Category:Breaking News
WN:C Wikinews:Copyright
WN:CABAL Wikinews:Arbitration Committee *
WN:CG Wikinews:Content guide
WN:CHECK Wikinews:Requests for CheckUser
WN:CHECKUSER Wikinews:Requests for CheckUser
WN:CHU Wikinews:Changing username
WN:CONTRIB Wikinews:Contribute!
WN:CS Wikinews:Cite sources
WN:CT Wikinews:CommonsTicker
WN:CV Wikinews:Credential verification
WN:DD Wikinews:Digital Divide
WN:DE Wikinews:Editors *
WN:DG Wikinews:Deletion guidelines
WN:DISPUTE Wikinews:Dispute resolution
WN:DL Wikinews:Departure lounge
WN:DPL Wikinews:DynamicPageList
WN:DR Wikinews:Deletion requests
WN:DT Wikinews:Desktop Ticker
WN:E Wikinews:Etiquette
WN:EDP Wikinews:Fair use
WN:FA Wikinews:Featured articles
WN:FAC Wikinews:Featured article candidates
WN:FAIR Wikinews:Fair use
WN:FAQ Wikinews:FAQ
WN:FU Wikinews:Fair use
WN:GN Wikinews:Global Networking‎
WN:HOAX Wikinews:Hoaxes
WN:IAR Wikinews:Ignore all rules
WN:IB Wikinews:Template messages/Infoboxes
WN:ICT Wikinews:Image copyright tags
WN:INTERVIEW Wikinews:Request an interview
WN:INTRO Wikinews:Introduction
WN:IPOL Wikinews:Inactive Policy
WN:IRC Wikinews:Internet Relay Chat
WN:IUP Wikinews:Image use policy
WN:JOBS Wikinews:Jobs We Hate™
WN:JR Wikinews:Journalists
WN:KFP Wikinews:Knight Foundation proposal
WN:LAWYER Wikinews:Wikilawyering
WN:LETTERS Wikinews:Letters to the Editors
WN:MA Wikinews:Mediation alerts
WN:MAIN Main Page
WN:MC User:Messedrocker/Contest
WN:MF Wikinews:Mirrors and forks
WN:MOS Wikinews:Style guide
WN:NC Wikinews:Naming conventions
WN:NEWS Wikinews:What Wikinews is
WN:NOT Wikinews:What Wikinews is not
WN:NPOV Wikinews:Neutral point of view
WN:NR Wikinews:Newsroom
WN:NZWS Wikinews:Workspace/New Zealand
WN:Newsroom Wikinews:Newsroom
WN:ON Template:Only news
WN:OR Wikinews:Original reporting
WN:OVERSIGHT Wikinews:Oversight
WN:PC Wikinews:Publish checklist
WN:PD Wikinews:Proposed deletion
WN:PD/A Wikinews:Protected deletions/auto
WN:PDS Wikinews:Protected deletions
WN:PE Wikinews:Print edition
WN:PG Wikinews:Policies and guidelines
WN:PHOTO Wikinews:Photojournalism
WN:POINT Wikinews:Don't disrupt Wikinews to illustrate a point
WN:PP Wikinews:Protection policy
WN:PROD Wikinews:Proposed deletion
WN:RD Wikinews:Research Desk
WN:Research Wikinews:Research Desk
WN:RFA Wikinews:Administrators
WN:RFAR Wikinews:Requests for arbitration
WN:RFCU Wikinews:Requests for CheckUser
WN:RSS Wikinews:Syndication *
WN:RfAr Wikinews:Requests for arbitration
WN:S Wikinews:Sandbox
WN:SAND Wikinews:Sandbox
WN:SD Wikinews:Speedy deletion guidelines
WN:SDG Wikinews:Speedy deletion guidelines
WN:SG Wikinews:Style guide
WN:SHORTS Wikinews:Shorts - a roundup of a grab-bag of stories
WN:SL Wikinews:Stop Loss
WN:SOURCES‎ Wikinews:Global Networking/All
WN:SP Wikinews:Story preparation
WN:SRC Wikinews:Global Networking/All
WN:STYLE Wikinews:Style guide
WN:T Wikinews:Template messages
WN:TEA Wikinews:A nice cup of tea and a sit down
WN:TINC Wikinews:Arbitration Committee
WN:TM Wikinews:Template messages
WN:U Wikinews:Username
WN:V Wikinews:Video 2.0
WN:VD Wikinews:Vandalism
WN:WBDU Wikinews:Australian discussion *
WN:WC Wikinews:Water cooler
WN:WD Wikinews:Wikiday
WN:WEASEL Wikinews:Avoid weasel words
WN:WELCOME Wikinews:Welcommittee
WN:WL Wikinews:Wikilawyering
WN:WN Wikinews:Shortcuts
WN:WS Wikinews:Workspace


Most of the time the letters in shortcuts are an acronym (WN:WS for Workspace) or a key word in the page (WN:TEA), however some rely on local knowledge:

  • WN:CABAL is a refer... CENSORED BY THE WIKINEWS CABAL. which well we're on the subject doesn't exist. is a reference to the phrase There is no Cabal and the tendency of people to accuse the English Wikipedia's administration of being a "cabal" in the sense of the article mentioned.
  • WN:DE refers to the "de-editing" part of the page.
  • WN:RSS — See "RSS" (RSS is a popular syndication format)
  • WN:WBDU refers to "Down Under"