Wikinews:Requests for CheckUser


This is the place to request sockpuppet checks or other investigations requiring CheckUser privileges by people with those privileges.

Operating Guidelines

Copied in part from Wikipedia's CheckUser – this seems like a good CheckUser policy to begin with.


CheckUser is an additional right that is granted to a small number of administrators. It is a delegation of a developer right that gives limited access to server logs of edits. Uses include identification of sockpuppets, block evasion, and use of open proxies. All usage of the privilege is logged and results may be shared with other projects via the private checkuser-l mailing list. The mailing list is covered by the Foundation's privacy policy, and checks may be executed as a result of reports from other wikis where vandalism or other disruption has occurred.


  1. Due to the effort involved, difficulty of interpretation of results and privacy issues raised, checkuser is a last resort for difficult cases. Use other methods first.
  2. Obvious sock puppets may be treated as such without using checkuser.
  3. Please do not list cases involving non-disruptive "throwaway" accounts that are only used for a few edits.
  4. Data is kept for a limited time so we cannot compare against accounts that have not edited recently.
  1. Block evasion: may be listed where the problem is ongoing.
  2. Routine 3RR violations: do not list unless there is (a) an ongoing problem (b) reasonable doubt as to whether or not sock puppets are being used, and (c) disruption of editing that can't be addressed any other way.
  3. Vandalism: only for ongoing serious vandalism.
  4. Vote fraud: only where (a) there is reasonable doubt as to whether or not the votes are valid (b) the vote or discussion period has closed, and (c) the possible sockpuppet votes actually affect the outcome of a decision. Provide a link to the closed vote and discussion.


  • List your request in this section.
  • Clearly indicate the usernames or IP addresses you suspect. This is not the place to post long disputes over the merits of the check. If a compact, reasonable request, with the necessary diffs, cannot be made, then post it on WN:ALERT.
  • Use *{{Checkuser|USERNAME TO BE CHECKED}}
  • You must clearly lay out the evidence for sockpuppetry.
  • You must explain how your request fits the policy above.
  • Sign your request.


  • Responses will be cursory in nature in order to comply with Wikimedia privacy policy; supporting data is not provided.
  • Results are not always clear due to the internal organization of some ISPs, and the fact that technically savvy users sometimes deliberately edit from unrelated IPs.
  • Responses to CheckUser requests will be placed beneath your request. Old requests will be archived. Please check back here for responses.
  • Possible outcomes: Artículo bueno.svg Confirmed, Likely, Symbol possible vote.svg Possible, Symbol unlikely.svg Unlikely, Symbol unrelated.svg Unrelated, or Symbol unsupport vote.svg Inconclusive.