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This page is no longer current and/or valid. It is kept for historical record or interest. Do not assume content on this page is still technically correct.

  • This page has been superseded by: → common sense, decency, and tea.

In the spirit of Wikinews:Admin action alerts, this page is intended for "alerts" with regard to mediation requests. It is done in order to remove the "admin action" aspect of personal disputes on Wikinews. Here, you can request help as you would on WN:ALERT for harassment, bickering, and so on. These things generally do not require administrator intervention.

Note that, in the general case, it takes two to tango. Using this page does not remove your responsibility from any disputes, nor does it make you innocent of any inflamitory or aggressive comments. Usage of this page is a general admission of failed self-mediation.

This tool is not a weapon, and it is not an ultimate power. Your participation in a calm, reasonable, respectful manner is absolutely required for this to work.

Don't forget to have a nice cuppa tea when things get stressful.

Users seeking helpEdit

To add your name here automatically, use the {{User:Ironiridis/MediationHelp|DISPUTEDUSER}}
template on your user page or talk page, replacing
"DISPUTEDUSER" with the user with which you're having difficulty.

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Harassment, Wikistalking, small-scale disruption, personal attacksEdit

NPOV or Factuality disputesEdit

Ongoing argument or confrontationEdit

Hi. Gryllida and I need something settled.

We need to know where to find the policy covering talk pages. Years ago I saw one here on Wikinews that said "We use this one [link] from Wikipedia." The sticking point is that the one on Wikipedia says the person whose talk page it is does get to delete posts so long as doing so does not misrepresent anything (as in deleting a post to which a third party had already replied).

Basically, if one person is saying things on a talk page that the subject of that talk page finds hurtful, or if the the two people are falling into a talking-in-circles pattern of a discussion that they have already had many times before, and the subject of the talk page tells the other party, starting subtly but moving toward more direct, "your time is better spent elsewhere" to "now leave me alone," and the second person keeps posting on the talk page anyway, is the subject of the talk page allowed to delete their posts, read or unread? What is existing, written Wikinews policy and guidance on this? If there is no rule about it either way, we need to know that too.

There is a global pandemic on. Wikinews sends people emails when someone posts on their talk page. A Wikinewie might wish to be alerted of posts about other things, even posts made by the same person about those other things, but not continue the hurtful/repetitive conversation.

I'm trying to prevent a fight, but being a victim is not one of the things I'm willing to do to prevent it. Darkfrog24 (talk) 01:15, 2 April 2020 (UTC)