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This page is a list of administrators (sometimes called admins or sysops).

Admins can perform a few special tasks such as editing pages in the MediaWiki: namespace (system messages), blocking users, deleting and protecting pages, and granting other users certain rights. They have no extra editorial authority, however. All admin actions are governed by site policy. Statistics on these activities are here.

You can view some of the latest requests in the archive, where you can also see some common questions, comments and objections made during the process.

List of administrators

We currently have 16 administrators on Wikinews who are listed below. Names of bureaucrats are listed in bold. The automated list is available here.

List current as of February 26, 2021.

Admin action required

See Wikinews:Admin action alerts. Please put all alerts there.

Requests for permissions

Requests for access rights take place at Wikinews:Requests for permissions.