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The Wikinews Print Edition is an edition of Wikinews designed to offer a different way of reading Wikinews. It is also designed to help bring new users in, by allowing people to print copies and distribute them to those who would never otherwise hear about Wikinews.

Wikinews user Hallows AG has picked up production of the Print Edition after The New Mikemoral and Cspurrier stopped creating them. Created using 3.2.0, they used to feature the previous day's stories to ensure content has been reviewed. Wikinews has resumed the production of Wikinews Print Edition, planned to be released each Monday since January 2, 2017.

You can leave feedback about the print edition here or by sending an email to print AT wikinewsie org.

Example edition from March 27, 2006

Download Wikinews Print Edition

Older Editions

Other notes About the Print edition