Wikinews:Shorts - a roundup of a grab-bag of stories

This is a collection of hints and tips from interested editors (not a policy or guideline.)

A short or brief is a news article of between two and ten sentences.

Even if only a single sentence, a good short will be complete: that is, it will mention the what, when, where, who, and why (importance) of the story.

As of 2016, in order to be published on English Wikinews, a short should feature in a compilation of at least three stories, entitled, Wikinews Shorts followed by the publication date.

Each 'short' should still have at least two sources (as a standalone synthesis article would).

If an article reaches three paragraphs, it can alternatively be published as a page on its own.

In either case, it should also pass peer review. Once you are satisfied with the page (a three-story compilation or a three-paragraph article,) replace any {{develop}} tag with {{review}}.