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IRC cat is watching!

Wikinewsies often can be found on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels #wikinews and #wikinews-en on irc:// . If you don't have an IRC client (program) installed, click here. To get connected, just enter a nickname and the channel of "wikinews" or click here. For more information on IRC, see meta:IRC, and Wikipedia's article on IRC. As well, List of IRC commands and IRC instructions may be helpful for people not familiar with IRC.


Just some guidelines to help you out:

  • In this case of IRC, you must allow people a degree of anonymity online.
  • These channels are for discussion related to constructive work on the Wikinews website.
  • There may be social chit-chat, but it is social chit-chat amongst people who are known on the site.
  • If you abuse the channel in any way, you may be kicked or banned by one of the channel operators.
  • If you need urgent assistance, just type admin@wn.


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