Wikinews:Protected deletions

Are you trying to recreate a page after it was deleted? We would like to remind you that deleted articles should not be recreated and request you refrain from doing so. If you believe that your article or page is appropriate for Wikinews, then request undeletion. Continually recreating a deleted article will result in more and stronger sanctions.

This is not a policy page, but rather an explanation.

From time to time, people may repeatedly attempt to create hoax articles or other pages inappropriate for Wikinews. Since articles should not be recreated after they have been deleted, an administrator may redirect the page to this and then protect that page from editing to prevent it from being recreated further.


Pages redirecting here can be deleted after an extended period of time if it seems likely that it will not be recreated again. Pages which are persistently recreated (Such as the infamous "143-year-old man turns 144 today") may be kept in a protected-deleted state indefinitely.

Please see Category:Protected deletions to see all such protected pages.