Wikinews:Template messages

Templates are used within articles to provide a consistent look to the messages placed into them. Changes to the look, wording, or style of the message can be implemented quickly, because templates are rendered for the reader when the article loads. Spaces in the name are allowed, e.g. {{science topics}}. This technique is commonly known as transclusion.

Templates in the article namespace exist only to help readers. These can include navigation aids, or warnings that content is sub-standard. Templates that provide information only of service to editors belong on an article's talk page.

Note: This page is still under heavy development. Please use the list of all templates that are not yet included here and strike off a few. Also, feel free to liberally steal anything you need from w:Wikipedia:Template messages, but do not list templates or items here that do not (yet) exist in Wikinews. Categories are the exception; these may exist even if they're empty.

Instructions: When you add new template messages to this page, please help keep the tables in alphabetical order.

Article-Related namespace


  • Original reporting
  • Base calendars
  • Wikimedia mention

  • Accuracy Disputes
  • Cite Sources, Single source
  • Cleanup
  • Merge
  • Misleading Information
  • POV Disputes
  • Press Releases
  • Extreme templating!

  • Copyright Violations
  • Major Editing
  • Sister projects

  • Requests for deletion
  • Speedy deletion

  • Infobox sidebars

  • Stub

  • Newsworthiness

  • Shortcut box

Non Article-Related namespace


  • day cat navigation

  • Welcome messages

  • Free licences - move to Commons
  • Fair use tags
  • Other licences
  • Image problems
  • Miscellaneous tags

All templates