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This page seeks to resolve the question whether a page or file should be deleted through consensus.

Articles that are from other news sources, abandoned, minimal, or press releases are generally dealt with by proposed deletion processes and need not be listed here individually.

Listings appear for a minimum of seven days but may be left longer to allow sufficient discussion. After the appropriate period, an administrator looks at the page or file and determines whether consensus for deletion has been reached. If it has, the page is deleted. The period of time starts at the submission of the deletion request on this page.

You may also list tag pages for speedy deletion page by adding {{delete|reason}} to the page to be nominated for speedy deletion.

  • Read and be familiar with the Criteria for deletion before listing a page here, or debating on a page here. Please vote using {{keep}}, {{remove}}, {{neutral}}, or {{comment}} followed by signature.
  • Articles must fall foul of the Criteria for deletion to be listed here. Invalid listings will be removed. Editors may not edit the Criteria for deletion in order to justify their listing.
  • Note: If you have registered an account at Wikinews for the sole purpose of attempting to sway a deletion request, any vote and comment within the voting section will be struck and disregarded.

This page is also the proper venue for discussing undeletion requests. If you object to speedy deletion of an article, or wish to overturn another deletion request, please list it here. An admin may undelete it at their discretion for the duration of the vote, so that users may view the item they are voting on.

How to list a page hereEdit

  1. Add {{Deletion request}} or {{dr}} to the image, category or article page.
    • For suspected copyright violations, instead add {{Copyvio|url=insert_web_address_here}}. The page will be deleted after one day according to the proposed deletion policy.
    • For abandoned articles, instead add {{subst:aband}} to the top of the page, but please be aware that people often forget to request {{review}}. Articles are considered abandoned if after four days no edits were made. Such articles are deleted two days later.
  2. List the link below using the following template:
== Date of nomination ==
=== [[Article title]] ===
State reason for deletion request and sign (--~~~~).
==== Comments ====

==== Votes ====

Note for adminsEdit

To close a Deletion Request, enclose the DR with:

and then delete the article if the DR was successful or remove {{DR}} from the article if it was kept.
  • If the subject of a deletion was a category/image/template and the DR was successful, the closing admin should remove those from the pages on which they appear.
  • The talk page of the article can be updated by adding {{Multidel}} with a Diff to the closed DR discussion to the top of the talk page.

Deletion requestsEdit

10 August 2020Edit

July 7, 2020Edit

July 4, 2020Edit


This template is not used anywhere on the wiki, and is about to be overridden by deliberate breakage of the platform by the Foundation. (See water cooler thread; to be safe, I eliminated all usage of the template, which all turned out to be incorrect usage on incorrect expectation the template would generate an equal sign.)



  •   Remove --Pi zero (talk) 17:14, 4 July 2020 (UTC)
  •   Remove To be fair, when I mentioned that at least one wiki (in total there turned out to be about a dozen) used Template:= for something different entirely, the patch was reverted/postponed. Also, the parser function would have inadvertently fixed the usages here. Either way, this template doesn't serve any purpose. Alexis Jazz (talk) 21:01, 4 July 2020 (UTC)
  •   Remove per nom. Green Giant (talk) 23:42, 23 July 2020 (UTC)
  •   Remove I can't see how we would need it. --SVTCobra 12:08, 15 August 2020 (UTC)

June 14, 2020Edit

Proposed deletionsEdit

 Purge server cache  For reference, it is currently September 24, 2020.


Delete articles in this category posted before September 23.


Delete articles in this category posted before September 22.

Minimal and PREdit

Delete articles in these categories posted before September 21.

Unsourced preparedEdit

Delete articles in this category posted before September 14

Undeletion requestsEdit