Wikinews:Protected deletions/auto

Are you trying to recreate a page after it was deleted? We would like to remind you that deleted articles should not be recreated and request you refrain from doing so. If you believe that your article or page is appropriate for Wikinews, then request undeletion. Continually recreating a deleted article will result in more and stronger sanctions.

Note: Pages can now be protected directly, even if they don't exist making this page sort of deprected. (Aka go to a non-exisistant page, and select the protect tab)

Pages listed here will automatically be prevented from being created. Please make sure you are using transclusions, not links, and prefix with a colon (:) so it uses the main namespace. You can use this system, or the standard Wikinews:Protected deletions to stop repeated recreation of deleted articles. Please only list articles here if they are either offensive or have been created more than once.