Wikinews:Publish checklist

This page is considered a guideline on Wikinews. It is widely accepted among editors and considered a standard that all users should follow. However, it is not cast in stone, should be treated with common sense, and occasional exceptions are expected. Edits should reflect community consensus and best-practice. When in doubt, discuss first on the talk page.

Policies and Guidelines

Neutral point of view
Content guide
Style guide

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Wikinews articles must comply with Wikinews's policies and guidelines before they can be published. Below is a quick checklist of some of these. An article should meet these before publication. More detailed guides to writing can be found at Wikinews:Content guide and Wikinews:Style guide. There is a much longer checklist at Wikinews:Tips on reviewing articles.

  1. The article agrees with Wikinews's content guide and is newsworthy.
  2. The article and images used in it are not copyright infringements.
    1. Images have proper copyright information and source information on their image description pages.
    2. Image credit should be appropriately given via use of the {{image source}} template or by other means
  3. The article is fully sourced using multiple independent sources.
    1. Articles with original reporting have reporting notes posted to article talk page or e-mailed to other Wikinews contributors to allow some fact-checking and verification of the article contents.
  4. The article is written in a neutral and unbiased manner, with no editorial commentary/advocacy or unsourced opinion.
  5. The article complies with our style guide (on dateline, grammar and spelling, "inverted pyramid" structure, tone, wikilinks, categories, headline, etc.)

Some of the guidelines (normally style guidelines) may be relaxed for breaking news articles, if a quick publication of the article is considered important.