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This page is for individuals who are not part of Wikinews to request an interview by the Wikinews community.

Here, you can make a short preliminary statement about who you are and on what topic you wish to be interviewed. Wikinews contributors will consider your request and contact you should they wish to conduct the interview.

Interview requests that have been published can be found at Published interview requests. Making a request on this page does not guarantee that you will be interviewed or that an article will be written and published.

If Wikinews contributors do not show an interest in following up on a request within a reasonable period of time, the request will be archived. In such cases, you are unlikely to receive a message to that effect.

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It is very important that you read our Neutral Point of View policy before making your statement. Your request should not run foul of our NPOV policy (eg. shouting, personal attacks, etc).

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Successful cesarean of bitch first case report at University of Rajshahi, BangladeshEdit

Dr. Md. Hemayatul IslamEdit


Wikinews community discussionEdit

A two and half years old German shepherd crossbreed bitch with a history of 48 days pregnant was reported to Veterinary Clinic, AI and Training centre (VCATC) of the Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Narikelbaria campus, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh for sterilization. The owner Mr Md. Atiqur Rahman will to birth control of his bitch name Lily. At this moment there is no birth control procedure without spaying. We discussed with the owner about the birth control measure by ligation of with cesarean operation. Finally, we decided to do a cesarean operation with spaying as a birth control measure. Before surgery the bitch was kept in the RU Veterinary Clinic, AI and Training centre to evaluate its all physical parameters e.g. body temperature, respiration, pulse rate, anemia, dehydration etc. The surgery was aseptically controlled under general anaesthesia. Laparotomic midline incision 2-3 cm behind the umbilicus was performed. Delivery of 7 litters from Lily’s uterus and ligation of the fallopian tubes, that is, the ovarian ducts. The bitch was kept in VCATC for 14 days for following up post-operative care. After 20 days the suture was removed. The bitch recovered uneventfully without any noticeable complication. So sterilization can be an effective method to control the dog population in Bangladesh.

Figure 4. Cesarean section with sterilization of bitch. Figure 5. Complete recovery of Lily’s with her seven puppies.