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This page is for individuals who are not part of Wikinews to request an interview by the Wikinews community.

Here, you can make a short preliminary statement about who you are and on what topic you wish to be interviewed. Wikinews contributors will consider your request and contact you should they wish to conduct the interview.

Interview requests that have been published can be found at Published interview requests. Making a request on this page does not guarantee that you will be interviewed or that an article will be written and published.

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Wayne TsengEdit


Dear Wikinews Team.

This is Wayne Tseng - Melbourne Lord Mayoral Candidate for the 2020 City of Melbourne local government election

I formed the team called Team Zorin as part of Leadership Team ticket in the election

I Wayne Tseng is the Lord Mayor Candidate My running mate - Gricol Yang is the Deputy Mayoral Candidate

My (Wayne Tseng) profession is multicultural communication consultant. Gricol Yang profession is a Commercial Banker

Team Zorin election pledge is to service the broad Melbourne community inclusively with policies that is fit for purpose. Melbourne politics which traditionally have been dominated by LEFT and RIGHT politics. The people of Melbourne whom have suffered a lot from the coronavirus lockdown are looking forward to policies that work and enable rapid recovery. They are weary of policies that follow a particular ideology.

Team Zorin believes just because the majority rule in democracy. The need of the minority groups must be catered for a all inclusive recovery. Everyone is entitled to be heard and need addressed.

Team Zorin also believes that society has become too complex for 1 man, 1 cabinet or 1 party to have all the answers. Team Zorin that the people as a collective are best to know determine their needs and solution options to address them.

Team Zorin believe technology can be used to address broad base needs, identify needs from broad base community, received solutions from the collective, debate on options in virtual committees and directly vote in local government issue.

Team Zorin advocate the use of digital democracy platform, allowing citizen to participate in democracy (Wayne Tseng calls it Participating Democracy), development of policies that address precise groups (Wayne Tseng calls it Precision Policies) and allow the people to play as community monitors and guide the implementation of a policy (Wayne Tseng calls this Guided Governing).

Australian is known for compassionate, educated and believe in the good of many outweighs the good of one.

I wish to be interviewed because we are introducing a break through in Australia democracy. Team Zorin is introducing digital democracy and participating democracy at a local government level. Zorin will also introduce participating democracy in Victorial Next Election and Australia Federal Election.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by User:Waynetsengoffice (talkcontribs)

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