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This is a "considered" policy intended merely for discussion and improvement. It may progress to become a proposed policy, or may eventually be rejected.

Wikinews now accepts letters to the editor (Note: this is still under consideration. Its not a policy yet. Don't be offended if we delete your letter.), just like other newspapers. This page provides guidelines for accepting & publishing such letters within Wikinews' NPOV guidelines.

  1. Letters must pertain to Wikinews' coverage of specific newsworthy events; preferably linking to specific Wikinews articles.
  2. Letters must have specific authors who are responsible for the content of their letter & identified as such. A letter written by a regular Wikinews contributors maybe modified freely by others, just as any other page, so long as those editors attempt in good faith to help the author achieve their goals. Non-authors should play a lesser role if the authors are no-longer involved in the development.
  3. Letters should be more than mere "blog comments" on articles. Some criteria for including letters are literary prowess, informativeness, uniqueness of perspective, or identify of author. Letters by people named in Wikinews stories should almost always be kept.
  4. No one should submit more than one letter per month, but the community may waive this on a case by case basis, for exceptional or important letters or people. People personally involved with a story are permitted one additional letter per published Wikinews article on the story.
  5. Letters may not discuss internal Wikimedia foundation or project politics, nor name users aside from the authors. An exception may be granted for letters covering to published Wikinews stories on such topics. But Wikinews users are generally advised to place such content on their user pages.
  6. Letters must use the Letter: namespace. Wikinews does not plan to list any letters on its main page, so letters are fairly inaccessible unless the are linked from the letters section on an article.

Any letter failing to meet the above criteria will be userfied, or possibly deleted on WN:DR.

Monthless LettersEdit

Here is the list of letters deemed to qualify for "monthless" status, meaning they do not count towards their authors one letter per month limit.