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Participant in the 'welcome a bit' programme. If you received a message at your personal talk page with feedback about your draft, this is how I found you. If you would like to help other authors get feedback about their drafts quickly, please sign up. To reduce noise, notifications can be limited to your topic of interest. Please check it out today. I would be happy to help you communicate with new authors.

Participant in the interactive news writing experiment (lbot), that so far has resulted in two published articles and two more submitted.

Author of over 50 articles (including original reporting), reviewer. Here is my notes about original reporting: here and there. It is mostly about how to write an interview request by e-mail. I also have other less documented pieces in my user space, including scripts and news article creation wizards; all sub-pages can be found here: Special:PrefixIndex/User:Gryllida. I also use the live chat (WN:IRC) as it helps to discuss article editing in real time. It is just plain text chat. There is no audio or video involved, and you can use it in a web browser tab without installing any software. Meet other reviewers and authors there. :) My nick on the chat is "gry" and my timezone is approximately UTC+10. 'Gryllida' stands for true cricket, a family of insects, which is related to bush crickets, and, more distantly, to grasshoppers. They make nice chirping sounds after the sunset. I use this name as my nick because of my positive attitude towards these insects and their sound.

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