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What are user groups for?

User groups allow people to quickly find editors from a particular region and/or with specific interests. If you would like help on an article, you can find people who are knowledgable on the subject of the article here, and leave a message on their talk page or in irc. On a more casual level, user groups provide statistical information for anyone interested.

How to join user groups

To join user groups, use the userinfo template by putting the following at the top of your user page (you must pick exactly 3 interests to use this template):


Or add to your user page:

  [[category:Live in (region)]]
  [[category:Interest in (interest1)]]
  [[category:Interest in (interest2)]]

Users, by regionEdit

Users, by interestEdit

Crime and law

Culture and entertainment

Disasters and accidents

Economy and business




Politics and conflicts

Science and technology



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