Hello, I'm Pmlineditor, a former admin and reviewer on Wikinews. I'm active on various wikis. I am a Global rollbacker and former Global sysop and an admin on some other wikis. I've created 62 published articles here with one of my articles being merged with another one. I have also significantly contributed to another article (complete rewrite) apart from occasionally copyediting and reviewing articles by other editors.

I'm trying to get active here again, but after a break of 2.5 years, I'm pretty much like a new editor here.

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In no particular order...
  1. Iranian media: Professor of Tehran University killed in bombing
  2. China to surpass Japan to become second largest economy (Not started, but multiple changed made)
  3. Shooting in Finnish mall leaves four dead (Lead 2)
  4. Twenty dead after double suicide bombing in Iraq
  5. India doubles Commonwealth Games budget
  6. Palestinian state set to be abandoned says Erekat
  7. Afghan policeman shoots and kills five British soldiers(Lead 3)
  8. Explosion in Afghanistan kills British soldier
  9. Bomb explosion in Somaliland kills four cops
  10. Bomb explosions kill several people in central Baghdad
  11. Blast in Pakistan kills one, injures ten
  12. Man throws shoe at President of Sudan during public conference
  13. U.S. home sales plunge more than predicted (Merged with US home sales fall at fastest pace on record)
  14. Baghdad bombing kills several people, scores injured
  15. At least twelve die in Mogadishu attacks
  16. Ten confirmed dead, scores missing as overcrowded boat capsizes in India
  17. Suicide bomber attacks US base in Afghanistan
  18. Blast in Pakistan kills one, injures ten
  19. Pakistan security forces airstrikes kill several Taliban militants
  20. Britain thinks Africans are barbaric, claims South African President
  21. At least 60 die in Indian temple stampede(Lead [?])
  22. Several people die in Phoenix bus crash
  23. Suicide bomber kills twelve in northwest Pakistan(Lead [?])
  24. Iraqi police: Najaf bombing kills three(Lead [?])
  25. Insurgents kill several people in Baghdad as Iraq's parliamentary elections start(Lead [?])
  26. 6.0 magnitude earthquake kills several people in Turkey(Lead [?])
  27. Taliban militant kills at least thirteen in northwest Pakistan(Lead [?])
  28. Australia defeats Germany 2-1, wins men's field hockey World Cup(Lead [?])
  29. Seven die in bombing in Falluja, Iraq
  30. Rail network in Kashmir, India comes under attack(Lead 5)
  31. Sir Alex Ferguson: "poor, poor performance" by match officials after Chelsea defeats Manchester United(Lead 4)
  32. Ten security personnel killed by Maoists in Orissa, India
  33. Pakistan: 38 Talibani insurgents killed in two seperate attacks in Orakzai area
  34. 30 dead in Baghdad bomb blasts, hundreds of people injured
  35. 38 people die in suicide attack during a political rally in Pakistan
  36. Pakistan: Peshawar hit by triple bomb blasts
  37. Polish President Lech Kaczyński dies as his plane crashes in Russia  
  38. Pakistan: Twelve suspected Taliban rebels die in airstrikes
  39. Officials: Two soldiers and over 30 insurgents killed in Pakistan
  40. Twitter announces advertising platform
  41. Cyclone in eastern India kills 31
  42. Deposed Kyrgyz President flees to Kazakhstan
  43. United Nations: More people with access to cell phones than toilets in India
  44. Pakistan: Eight killed in hospital blast
  45. Officials: Seventeen insurgents killed in Orakzai, Pakistan
  46. 30 people die in bombing in northwestern Pakistan
  47. Around 100,000 people attend public memorial for victims of plane crash‎
  48. Suicide car bomber kills seven in Kohat, Pakistan
  49. Formula One: Jenson Button wins 2010 Chinese Grand Prix‎
  50. Fourteen dead in two attacks in Somalia‎
  51. Suicide bomber kills 24 in Peshawar, Pakistan
  52. One dead, over 70 injured in Bangkok blasts
  53. Stones thrown by protesters in Kashmir kill civilian
  54. Landmine blast in Chattisgarh, India kills eight
  55. England defeats Australia and wins 2010 Twenty20 Cricket World Cup
  56. Afghanistan: Suicide attackers kill several people in Kabul
  57. Twelve people dead after blast in north-west Pakistan
  58. India approves symbol for currency
  59. Pakistan: Suspected US drone strikes kill seven rebels
  60. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to be extradited to Sweden
  61. 8.9 magnitude earthquake hits Japan, causes tsunami
  62. Massive earthquake hits Indonesia, no tsunami risk
  63. Students protest against police action in Jadavpur University, Kolkata