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Hey there, my name is J.J. I'm a student and columnist for Dialogue & Discourse, a Medium publication. I write about politics for an international audience.

Delays in publication are primarily due to lack of timely review, an unfortunate but expected consequence of volunteer-powered journalism.

Time zone is currently UTC-5, subject to the daylight savings policy of the US state of Texas. What time is it?

Accreditation detailsEdit

Reporter: Justin Jiahui Liu (JJLiu112)
Location: Texas, United States
Email: Email via Wikinews |
Tel/Voicemail: +1 (214) 606-6222
Other contact methods: dadoufu123

Disclaimer: Accredited Wikinews reporters do not represent the Wikimedia Foundation; they are trusted contributors whom the Wikinews community has certified for the purposes of gathering information related to Wikinews articles.

Published articlesEdit

Published original reporting articlesEdit

Technological University Dublin senior lecturer Dr Lorcan Sirr speaks to Wikinews on housing market in Ireland, reviewed by User:Acagastya and User:Bddpaux. 21 July, 2021. 48th-longest page on Wikinews.
'Each makes the other more difficult to recover from': University of Sussex professor L. Alan Winters speaks to Wikinews on trade, COVID-19, Brexit, reviewed by User:Bddpaux and User:Acagastya. 30 June, 2021.
Wikinews interviews candidate for New York City mayor Vitaly Filipchenko, reviewed by User:Bddpaux. 16 June, 2021. 31st-longest page on Wikinews.
Wikinews interviews candidate for Cleveland mayor Arthur Kostendt, reviewed by User:Bddpaux. 15 June, 2021.
Wikinews interviews candidate for Minneapolis mayor Philip Sturm, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 13 May, 2021.
Wikinews interviews Democratic candidate for the Texas 6th congressional district special election Daryl Eddings, Sr's campaign manager, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 20 April, 2021. 8th-longest page on Wikinews.
Wikinews interviews Adrian Mizher, independent candidate for Texas' 6th congressional district special election, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 7 April, 2021. 32nd-longest page on Wikinews.
Wales widens smoking ban, includes at hospitals, schools and playgrounds, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 1 March, 2021. Translated into Esperanto, Portuguese and Spanish.

Published synthesis articlesEdit

Translated articles are listed only if it is evident and obvious of their translation from English.


National Health Service England waiting list at highest on record for second consecutive month, reviewed by User:Chaetodipus. 10 July, 2021.
Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel hospitalised with COVID-19, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 6 July, 2021. Translated into Spanish and Portuguese.
130 OECD countries agree to back global corporate tax rate, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 4 July, 2021. Translated into Spanish.
Canada, EU, UK, US impose sanctions on Belarus over Ryanair hijacking, reviewed by User:Bddpaux. 23 June, 2021.
Fifteen killed in Mogadishu, Somalia suicide bombing, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 18 June, 2021.
Israel opposition parties announce coalition, form new government, reviewed by User:RockerballAustralia. 6 June, 2021.
Austrian Airlines cancels Moscow-bound flight after Russia refuses a reroute outside Belarusian airspace, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 29 May, 2021.
Arizona bans abortion for genetic abnormalities, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 30 April, 2021. Translated into Portuguese.
US President Biden recognises Armenian killing as 'genocide', reviewed by User:Acagastya. 27 April, 2021.
Irish Finance Minister Donohoe criticises OECD's global minimum corporate tax rate, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 23 April, 2021.
European Union to reduce carbon emissions by 55% of 1990 levels by 2030, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 23 April, 2021.
India records 14 millionth case of COVID-19 amid new surge in infections, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 18 April, 2021.
US, UK, NATO to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 17 April, 2021.
French Prime Minister announces suspension of all flights to, from Brazil over coronavirus variant concerns, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 13 April, 2021.
Arkansas becomes first US state to criminalise treatment for transgender minority, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 9 April, 2021.
North Korea withdraws from Tokyo Olympics, citing COVID-19 concerns, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 9 April, 2021.
European Medicines Agency calls AstraZeneca vaccine "safe and effective", reviewed by User:Acagastya. 21 March, 2021.
Russian ambassador to US recalled over President Biden's comments, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 20 March, 2021.
International Criminal Court to investigate war crimes in Palestine, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 5 March, 2021.
Two Jordanian ministers caught breaking lockdown measures, resign, reviewed by User:Acagastya. 1 March, 2021. Translated into Esperanto and Spanish.
Seven Russians infected with H5N8 bird flu; first cases reported in humans, reviewed by User:Pi zero. 24 February, 2021. Translated into Chinese.
Serbian Orthodox Church elects new Patriarch Porfirije, reviewed by User:Pi zero. 19 February, 2021.
Greek lawmakers approve contentious campus police legislation, reviewed by User:Pi zero. 13 February, 2021. Translated into Esperanto.
International Criminal Court rules its jurisdiction includes Palestine, reviewed by User:Pi zero. 8 February, 2021. Translated into Esperanto.
World Trade Organization declares US tariff hike illegal, rules in South Korea's favour, reviewed by User:Pi zero. 24 January, 2021.


Prime Minister of Slovakia Igor Matovič tests positive for COVID-19, reviewed by User:Pi zero. 21 December, 2020.

Articles in other languagesEdit

Sometimes, articles don't make it past the review process here, but have been published in other languages.

Cuba suspende as tarifas de importação sobre alimentos e medicamentos em meio a protestos generalizados, Portuguese Wikinews. 16 July, 2021.


Original reporting barnstar: received 7 April, 20 April 2021.

Order of the Modest Pencil: received 21 December 2020.