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About Crtew (a.k.a. "Sir Tew")
I'm not really a "Sir" in the royal sense, but it adds a pronunciation to my clunky User name!

For more about me, please view my main page at User:Crtew on Wikipedia. I also have site specific pages on the Outreach project at MetaWiki and on Wikimedia Commons.

This page tracks news or projects that interests me, such as journalism or reporting about human rights issues.

I subscribe to the "Politics and conflict" category, but I like to read obituaries and keep track of new techologies.

Chad Tew
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[edit] Credit: Jon Davis
Strega crossing the finish line to win the Gold Unlimited class at the Reno Air Races 2009

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  1. UK court remands man in custody over Leytonstone knife attack  (28 hits last hour)
  2. Car bombing kills Yemen government official; ISIS claims responsibility  (15 hits last hour)
  3. UK begins airstrikes against IS in Syria  (8 hits last hour)
  4. British actor John Inman dies at 71  (8 hits last hour)
  5. Royal Canadian Mint unveils world's largest gold coin  (7 hits last hour)
  6. At least 52, including six Shia Muslim activists, to be executed in Saudi Arabia  (7 hits last hour)
  7. Wikinews visits the 2008 Reno Air Races  (6 hits last hour)
  8. Volkswagen emissions scandal may affect thousands more cars  (6 hits last hour)
  9. U.S. Secret Service conducts drone exercise  (6 hits last hour)
  10. Investigators blame pilot error for AirAsia crash into Java Sea  (6 hits last hour)
  11. Scottish Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey 'critically ill' says Royal Free Hospital  (5 hits last hour)
  12. Indiana Governor signs needle exchange program  (5 hits last hour)
  13. David Letterman signs off after 33 year career on the Late Show  (5 hits last hour)
  14. Athens bomb targets business group, damages Cypriot embassy  (5 hits last hour)
  15. Yankees win 3 in 4 game series with Red Sox  (4 hits last hour)

Top 10 list of most important news events for 2014
Ranking Topic
1. Ebola: ("WHO declares Ebola outbreak an international emergency," August 11, 2014)
2. Nations attack ISIL: ("US President Obama authorizes airstrikes against ISIL in Iraq," August 8, 2014)
3. Russia and the Ukraine & Crimean crisis: ("Wikinews interviews specialists on Russian intervention in Ukraine," March 5, 2014)
4. Israel-Gaza conflict ("Israel attacks Hamas leadership targets in the Gaza Strip," August 1, 2014)
5. Global oil prices plunge
6. Scottish independence referendum ("Scotland says 'No' in independence referendum," September 19, 2014)
7. Hong Kong protests ("Hong Kong democracy protesters call for CY Leung resignation as demonstrations continue," October 2, 2014)
8. MH & AirAsia flights ("Next phase of search for MH 370 begins" October 9, 2014; "AirAsia disaster: Bodies, wreckage found," December 30, 2014 )
9. Malala Yousafzai is the youngest person to have won the Nobel Peace Prize
10. Philip Seymour Hoffman & Robin Williams die ("Actor and comic Robin Williams found dead at 63," August 12, 2014)
10. Germany wins FIFA World Cup in Brazil

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