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Accredited reporter
Accredited reporter

Reporter: Peter Coti (Peter.C)
Location: Ridgewood, New Jersey
Email: Email via Wikinews |
Tel/Voicemail: Contact for info
Other contact methods: Google: IRC: Irunongames

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My name is Peter Coti and I am here to learn about journalism and I hope to work at a big paper someday.

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Skype PeterCoti



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[Swarm of prisons try to over take prison]Hey hey hey, don't worry about me, I ain't a hero for 14 bucks a hour -Prison Guard

Wikinews quizzes should [be interesting]. unlike schools, we're not trying to put people to sleep. - Tempodivalse

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Real Name: Peter Coti

IRC Name: Irunongames

DOB: December 17th 1995 (15)

Location: Ridgewood New Jersey

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