Im Irish - so if you spot any Irish bias from me - get rid of it and complain!

I'm not too active here at the moment because i'm working on a number of things...

Hey! I'm from Mullingar, Ireland and have been an active member of Wikinews since 17th November 2004. I believe whole heartedly in Wikinews in the long term and think it really could become a top news source. I am particularly interested in the Economy, Business, Music, Sport, (particularly swimming and GAA) and in general current events.

I am a member of the Welcommittee, so if you need help settling in to life as a Wikinewsies just drop a note on my talk page. I am also an Administrator. Im also a regular on wikipedia.

To date, i've made in excess of 5,750 edits to Wikinews and written over 140 individual news articles. I have the 3rd highest number of edits overall on Wikinews. For a list of the articles i've written see My Article Contributions.

As a group, Wikinewsies have penned a total of 21,991 articles since the project began - that means i've written about 1 in 20 wikinews stories, or 5% of the total!

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Wikinewsies worth knowing


I've got to say Wikinews is developing into a genuinely nice community, it is friendly, helpful, interesting and quite international. Some of the characters that make it so are listed below so that I can easily contact them.


I, Dan100, hereby award CGorman the Wikinews Trophy for this!
We, Chiacomo and RossKoepke hereby present CGorman with the Newbie Barnstar for his herculean effort in welcoming innumerable new editors to Wikinews.
This award is presented to Wikinews reporters upon their 100th published news article.