Greetings from California.

Hi, I'm one of the admins over here on Wikinews. Also an editor on English Wikipedia and an administrator on Wikimedia Commons and on Wikisource. At Wikinews I mostly write about science and health.

Why I write for Wikinews


Call me old school: I enjoy news that's either useful or challenging. News should be calisthenics for brain cells. If there's a low cost preventive treatment that saves the lives of babies? Cool, I'll write that up. Good news helps people make intelligent decisions.

Wikinews is people who write news they care about; the site isn't out to sell eyeballs to advertisers. And maybe that's a smart approach that can work.



WikiVoices holds chats in text and voice via Skype, including recorded sessions, to bring people together in discussion and content creation.

WikiVoices began at English Wikipedia as "Not the Wikipedia Weekly". Now it's housed at Meta under a new name to give all Wikimedia Foundation projects an equal footing. If you'd like to hold a WikiVoices session to discuss Wikinews or create a new article collaboratively, let me know. I'll be glad to help new participants get started.

Articles created through WikiVoices collaboration:

Articles I've created for Wikinews

I, Anonymous101talk, hereby award Durova (talk · contribs) the Wikinews Trophy for writing many excellent articles on Wikinews Anonymous101talk 17:59, 14 October 2008 (UTC)

Other people's articles I've helped revise for publication


Counting significant rewrites only, not minor copyedits.