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What is a /Brief?Edit

Writing guidelines for BriefsEdit

Guidelines from User:tomg:

  1. Read what you write aloud! Edit the language so it is easy to read and be understood.
  2. Short is always best - never make sentences too long. They're difficult to read and often even harder to listen to.
  3. Start vague - always begin with very broad language, a basic statement of what's happened. As few names, facts, details as possible.
    This is the opposite of writing news for normal print. The reason why is the brief may be used as the script for Audio Wikinews, as well as a news summary. The inverted pyramid style of writing does not work as well for listening to news as it does for reading news.
  4. Be careful with quotes - attribute the quote before reading it so listeners know it's a quote. Never start a news story with "'EVERYONE IS GOING TO DIE' said some random mad scientist".
  5. Read Basic Radio Journalism [1].

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