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The time is 0110 on the 25th of March, and this is Audio Wikinews: News Briefs.

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Explosion in French college
A large explosion has ripped through a research building of the École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Mulhouse (ENSCMu) in Mulhouse, eastern France. The Mulhouse mayor, Jean-Marie Bockel, confirmed that the blast had killed one person and injured another. A Code Red was declared by the police, and the neighborhood was evacuated.
It is not yet clear what caused the explosion - it is believed to have happened in a ground-floor laboratory. There are no signs it is related to recent protests by students of the college.

Headlines edit

Cape Town Frontline Fellowship pastor accused of assault for shooting trick-or-treaters with paintball
Peter Hammond, an evangelist pastor & director at Cape Town Frontline Fellowship, has been charged with assault, after leading his four children on a paintball shooting spree, targeting trick-or-treaters last Halloween.
His 11 year old son had originally been a codefendant, but the charges were recently dropped. As a result, the charges against Hammond have been transferred out of juvenile court.

FCC head Kevin Martin endorses telcos' tiered Internet plan
On Wednesday, Kevin Martin, the Head of the FCC for the Bush administration, voiced his support a tiered internet. This opens the door for AT&T, BellSouth, Verizon, and other telcos to limit bandwidth to popular web sites, like Google, unless those sites pay significantly higher rates.

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