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The time is 19:00 (UTC) on May 28th, 2006, and this is Audio Wikinews News Briefs.


More earthquakes shake the South Pacific

South Pacific

Two more major earthquakes about 30-minutes apart, have struck in the countries of Papua New Guinea and Tonga, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The two quakes are not believed to be related.

Activists in Tunisia thrashed by police


Activists from Tunisia's only independent human-rights body have been assaulted by the police in that country, according to reports. Witnesses say the roads leading to the Tunisia Human Rights League were blocked by plainclothes policemen who insulted and kicked activists who attempted to breach the cordon.

Israeli Air Force attacks militant bases in Lebanon


Lebanese officials have stated that jets from Israel have bombed the bases of a Palestinian militant group near Beirut. Reports say missiles were fired at camps run by the PFLP a few hours after an Israeli soldier was hurt when a rocket which was fired from Lebanon hit an army base near the Israeli town of Safed.

Queensland Liberal and National parties move towards becoming a single party


The Liberal and National parties in Queensland have moved towards unification following separate meetings today. In most states of Australia and at the federal level the two parties co-operate with each other to form a coalition.

Keep your eyes peeled for cosmic debris

United States

Stardust is a NASA space capsule that collected samples from comet Wild 2 in deep space and landed back on Earth on January 15, 2006. It was decided that distributed computing would be used to "discover" the samples the capsule collected. The project is called Stardust@home.

Two boys dead after their father throws them off hotel balcony

United States

A father and his two sons are dead after he threw them off the Loews Hotel balcony 15 floors above the ground in Miami, Florida, and then jumped off the balcony himself.

Fernando Alonso wins Monaco Grand Prix

Sports – Formula 1

Fernando Alonso won the FIA Formula-1 Monaco Grand Prix for the first time in his career today.

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