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Suspect in Oklahoma girl's murder blogged about depression, "dangerously weird" fantasies

The suspect in the murder of 10-year-old Jamie Rose Bolin of Purcell, Oklahoma, reportedly kept a weblog in which he joked about cannibalism, discussed the effects of not taking his prescribed medicine, and talked about "dangerously weird" fantasies. Kevin Ray Underwood had apparently been suffering from depression and social anxiety disorder since 1998, but gradually become more and more detached over the past few months. His last entry was made on April 13, 2006, one day after Underwood allegedly killed Jamie Bolin.

Police in Aruba make an arrest in Natalee Holloway case

Aruban police have made an arrest in relation to the Natalee Holloway case. Holloway, 18, was visiting the island from Alabama and has not been seen since May 30, 2005. Three boys were arrested as suspects in the disappearance in June 2005, but were released when a court ruled that there was not enough evidence. Authorities are not yet prepared to release details about the arrest.

Britain could face electricity blackouts

Members of the British Parliament warn that Britain could face widespread electrical blackouts if new generating capacity is not added soon. Clean and renewable generating methods will be preferred in the Government's energy review, including a return to nuclear power generation. But the committee warned that no new nuclear power plants are expected to come online until at least 2017, while nearly a quarter of Britain's current generating capacity is scheduled to go offline by 2016, creating a shortfall described by the committee as a "generation gap" which could not be bridged by nuclear energy. The committee's statement drew some support from environmentalists as well as from some energy sector industries.

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