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This is an official policy on English Wikinews. It has wide acceptance and is considered a standard for all users to follow. Changes to this page must reflect consensus. If in doubt, discuss first on the talk page.

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This policy defines the use of global permissions on English Wikinews.

Use of rights


See also: m:Stewards

Stewards may only use global permissions on English Wikinews in the course of their duties as stewards:

In all other situations, please refer to local administrators.

Stewards can also:

  • add the CheckUser and Oversight permissions following a successful request at WN:RFP.
  • remove all permissions:
    • in an emergency situation;
    • in response to a user self-request;
    • per Arbitration Committee decision; or
    • per WMF Board decisions.

These actions can affect English Wikinews, but are carried out at m:Steward requests/Permissions and logged at m:Special:Log/rights.

Global sysops

See also: m:Global sysops

Global sysops cannot use their permissions on English Wikinews. Please refer to local administrators as appropriate.

Global rollbackers

See also: m:Global rollback

Global rollbackers may use the following functions on English Wikinews in the context of counter-vandalism efforts (unless they hold them separately in a local usergroup):

  • rollback
  • suppressredirect
  • markbotedits
  • noratelimit

However, the above is not permitted if:

  • they previously had rollback removed at English Wikinews; or
  • they were blocked in the last 90 days for edit warring on English Wikinews.

The only non-admin group with rollback are reviewers. If removal has previously occurred, they must request the reviewer or administrator permission before they can use global rollback again.

Any English Wikinews administrator can ask a global rollbacker to stop using rollback if what they deem to be misuse occurs, and the global rollbacker must comply with such a request. Such a decision by an administrator can be appealed to the wider community.

Removal of permissions

A user who abuses their global permissions by knowingly or recklessly using their global permissions on English Wikinews in contravention of this policy should be reported to m:Steward requests/Permissions or #wikimedia-stewards immediately, where the stewards will determine whether an emergency removal of permissions is required. An indefinite block may also be placed on the account locally during this period if necessary to prevent further abuse (see the above section).

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