I will not be contributing to wikinews for the forseable future. I may try again to contribute at some point, but if the current power structures remain in place that is unlikely.

I have only tried to further the project's mission. In the process, one of my drafts was deleted in the project namespace. I asked to have it restored, but it was promptly deleted again, and wasn't restored.

To avoid losing work on other drafts in a similar fashion, I moved the other drafts that I had to my userspace, since there are many such userspace pages that have not been deleted. I was reverted and told that they had to stay in the project namespace.

When I later created a new draft, for a separate article, in my user space, it was quickly moved to project space, without discussion. The entire time, not one guideline or policy was cited as a rationale for the requirement, nor was the double standard being applied (where other userspace pages where left alone) explained.

User:Acagastya protected multiple drafts despite being involved in the dispute, and protected them indefinitely despite the protection policy calling for temporary protection in cases of editing warring; no edit wars occurred, though edit warring was cited as the rationale for protection.

Both Acagastya and User:Pi zero have enforced their preferences without citing any project policy or guideline to support their requirements. Since I find it unlikely that I will be able to contribute effectively to this project under the current conditions, rather than face further attacks, receive mean and hurtful comments, and participate in more seemingly futile discussions I am simply going to leave the project.

If a policy or guideline can be pointed out to me that justifies the actions taken, and their positions are shown to have the support of the community, or if they decide not to use administrative permissions and implicit threats to enforce their positions, and instead allow me (and others, although others appear to be able to do so without a problem currently) to contribute to this project with drafts in my userspace, I would love to return. Until then, I can be reached here on my talk page, or on other projects.

I'm glad I was able to write over 50 articles, and hope to one day return and write 50 more, but the actions of Acagastya and Pi zero have made contributing to wikinews a frustrating and exhausting experience as they enforce their preferences. My time will be better spend elsewhere.

Thanks, --DannyS712 (talk) 22:54, 4 June 2020 (UTC)

  1. 24 June 2019: New Hampshire crash kills seven, including former US Marines
  2. 20 July 2019: US House of Representatives holds two Cabinet officers in criminal contempt of Congress
  3. 23 July 2019: Four teenagers shot at Pennsylvania graduation party
  4. 23 July 2019: Tropical Depression Three of 2019 approaches Florida before dissipating
  5. 24 July 2019: Boris Johnson elected Conservative leader, slated to be Britain's next Prime Minister
  6. 16 August 2019: Hickenlooper ends US presidential bid, senate run possible
  7. 22 August 2019: South African 'Lion Man' killed by his lions
  8. 24 August 2019: Missing New York City chef Andrea Zamperoni found dead
  9. 30 August 2019: Gillibrand ends US presidential bid
  10. 1 September 2019: Hurricane Dorian strengthens to Category 5, makes landfall in the Bahamas
  11. 10 September 2019: Nevada prop plane crash near Las Vegas leaves two dead, three injured
  12. 12 September 2019: Sitting Tongan Prime Minister Akilisi Pohiva dies aged 78
  13. 16 September 2019: Tropical Storm Humberto upgraded to hurricane status
  14. 19 September 2019: Hurricane Humberto strengthens to Category 3 while approaching Bermuda
  15. 25 September 2019: US Speaker Pelosi announces Trump impeachment investigation
  16. 30 September 2019: U.S. House issues subpoena to secretary of state as special envoy to Ukraine resigns
  17. 10 October 2019: U.S. judge orders release of President Trump's tax records, appeals court issues delay
  18. 11 October 2019: Indonesian security minister Wiranto stabbed
  19. 12 October 2019: Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov dies at age 85
  20. 18 October 2019: US Representative Elijah Cummings dies at age 68
  21. 23 October 2019: Canada 2019 general election produces Liberal minority government
  22. 27 October 2019: US announces restrictions on flying to Cuba
  23. 28 October 2019: Former US Representative John Conyers dies at age 90
  24. 29 October 2019: Former US Senator Kay Hagan dies at age 66
  25. 1 November 2019: U.S. House formalizes rules for Trump impeachment proceedings
  26. 4 November 2019: O’Rourke ends US presidential bid
  27. 14 December 2019: Greta Thunberg named 2019 Time Person of the Year
  28. 21 December 2019: US House of Representatives impeaches President Trump
  29. 6 January 2020: United States military kills Qasem Soleimani
  30. 6 January 2020: Iraqi Parliament votes for expulsion of United States troops
  31. 9 January 2020: Stampede during funeral procession of Qasem Soleimani causes deaths, delays burial
  32. 29 January 2020: Former basketball player Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash, aged 41
  33. 14 February 2020: 2020 United States presidential election: Trump, Sanders win New Hampshire primaries
  34. 15 February 2020: California lawyer Michael Avenatti convicted of attempted extortion
  35. 21 February 2020: US President Trump grants eleven people clemency
  36. 23 February 2020: Bernie Sanders wins 2020 Nevada caucuses
  37. 24 February 2020: Donald Trump wins 2020 US Republican delegates from Nevada
  38. 2 March 2020: Joe Biden wins 2020 South Carolina US Democratic presidential primary
  39. 6 March 2020: Bloomberg, Warren end US presidential campaigns following Super Tuesday
  40. 11 March 2020: Joe Biden wins 2020 US Democratic presidential primaries in Michigan, Missouri, and Mississippi
  41. 13 March 2020: National Basketball Association suspends season due to COVID-19 concerns
  42. 14 March 2020: World Health Organization declares COVID-19 pandemic
  43. 15 March 2020: Bernie Sanders wins 2020 Northern Mariana Islands US Democratic presidential caucus
  44. 16 March 2020: US President Trump declares COVID-19 national emergency
  45. 20 March 2020: Arizona, Florida, Illinois hold 2020 US presidential primaries; Ohio postpones
  46. 5 April 2020: SARS-CoV-2 surpasses one million infections worldwide
  47. 7 April 2020: US state of Wisconsin holds 2020 election amidst COVID-19 concerns
  48. 10 April 2020: Bernie Sanders ends 2020 US presidential bid
  49. 15 April 2020: Bernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden in 2020 United States presidential election
  50. 29 April 2020: SARS-CoV-2 surpasses one million confirmed infections in the United States
  51. 8 May 2020: US Supreme Court overturns fraud convictions in Kelly v. United States
  52. 29 May 2020: SARS-CoV-2 surpasses 100,000 confirmed deaths in the United States
  53. 12 August 2020: Biden announces Kamala Harris as 2020 running mate in US presidential race

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