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English WikiNews

The Façade of the Cooch Behar Railway Museum Chrysanthemum in my garden

  • I am based in Cooch Behar, West Bengal, India
  • I am a student.
  • I prefer he/him pronouns, but I wouldn't find any offence if someone used something else.
  • I prefer British English, India being a commonwealth country.
  • My time zone is UTC+05:30 (
  • User:2006nishan178713(1) is my backup account. This account will be used for contributions from public computers and unprotected networks.
  • Information about the images-

The top banner is a cropped image of the entrance of the Cooch Behar Palace. The next one is the Façade of the Cooch Behar Railway Museum and the last one is a white Chrysanthemum flower in my garden.

About me

Articles and Pages

Here are the articles that got published. It also includes those which were deleted due to issues or delay in review.

Full up-to-date list at X-tools

Published articles


Pages that were deleted due to issues or delay in review.
  • Russia destroys Soviet-era satellite in ASAT test
  • EU Border Crisis: Poland faces several border breaches
  • China downgrades its diplomatic relations with Lithuania over Taiwan
  • At least 11 dead in Siberian mine after deadly explosion
  • Omicron cases surge across the globe
  • First Barbadian president assumes office after nation becomes republic
  • Russian President Putin visits India, signs major trade and arms deal
  • At least 100 dead in devastating Kentucky tornado outbreak
  • Gabriel Boric gets elected as Chile's president
  • France reports new COVID-19 variant 'IHU'
  • North Korea fires unidentified projectile into its east coast
  • Cyprus reports new COVID-19 variant 'Deltacron'
  • Hunga Tonga volcano erupts in Tonga
  • India celebrates Holi as COVID-19 cases fall
  • PM Modi and the Director-General of WHO inaugurate the Global Centre for Traditional Medicine in India
Pages I find important
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Parts of this user page were rightfully copied from the following nice people-

  • Wikivoyage administrator SHB2000, for the design of the page.
  • Wikinews administrator Bddpaux, for the 'Latest from Wikinews' display.
  • Meta administrator Hasley, for the drop-downs.
  • Meta Mass Message sender Galahad, for the page borders.

If you don't want your work to be on my page, just put a message on my talkpage.

Thank You
Thanks to the rightful owners of the layouts and designs.
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