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  • Russia destroys Soviet-era satellite in ASAT test
  • EU Border Crisis: Poland faces several border breaches
  • China downgrades its diplomatic relations with Lithuania over Taiwan
  • At least 11 dead in Siberian mine after deadly explosion
  • Omicron cases surge across the globe
  • First Barbadian president assumes office after nation becomes republic
  • Russian President Putin visits India, signs major trade and arms deal
  • At least 100 dead in devastating Kentucky tornado outbreak
  • Gabriel Boric gets elected as Chile's president
  • France reports new COVID-19 variant 'IHU'
  • North Korea fires unidentified projectile into its east coast
  • Cyprus reports new COVID-19 variant 'Deltacron'
  • Hunga Tonga volcano erupts in Tonga
  • India celebrates Holi as COVID-19 cases fall
  • PM Modi and the Director-General of WHO inaugurate the Global Centre for Traditional Medicine in India
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