Russian forces approach Ukraine's capital Kyiv

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Map of incursions and strikes
Image: Viewsridge.

Yesterday, Russian forces attacked Ukraine's capital Kyiv with missiles resulting in blasts damaging residential areas. Russia continued its three-pronged invasion of Ukraine and has already reached the Obolon district of Kyiv. For the second day, sirens sounded over Kyiv and residents took shelter in underground metro stations.

A structure in Kyiv destroyed by a missile strike.
Image: Arrikel.

The mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko informed citizens, "saboteurs" had arrived and were fighting in the city's outskirts. Moscow claimed, it had captured and taken over control of Antonov International Airport, also known as Hostomel Airport, located in the north of Kyiv, using 200 helicopters and paratroopers. Hostomel could be a major staging point for an attack on Kyiv.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence requested its citizens to inform them of Russian troop movements and also suggested to "make Molotov cocktails to neutralise the enemy".

Following several sanctions from the West and its allies, 27 European Union members announced, they froze assets belonging to Russian president Vladimir Putin and foreign minister Sergey Lavrov.

Russian forces also advanced into Chernobyl and captured it. The Ukrainian presidential advisor Mykhaylo Podolyak said, Chernobyl was captured by Russian forces after a "fierce battle".

At the 8979th meeting of the United Nations Security Council, Russia vetoed a draft resolution which aimed at ending the Ukraine crisis. The resolution had garnered support from 11 of the 15 members and had 3 abstentions.

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