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On a wiki it is good to avoid process, seeing as wikis are fast and process is slow. Likewise, it is especially good to avoid process that is pointless because it basically involves something that everyone agrees with, such as deleting abandoned articles. For that reason, why bother holding process for something that doesn't need process?

The idea of proposed deletion is to facilitate a method of deletion not involving process because basically no one votes on abandoned articles and copyvios. Furthermore, it prevents needless filing for deletion; it's marked for deletion as soon as the copyvio or the abandoned template is placed. On the occasion that an article is improved or is no longer a copyvio, the tag can simply be removed and the article can continue to progress closer to publication. This way, there is no need to close any sort of discussion (or lack thereof) and archiving it accordingly. Seeing as almost all deletion requests involve copyright violations or abandoned articles, this should clear up already-slow traffic on Wikinews:Deletion requests.

It should be noted that no new categories or templates are needed for this — they can be simply integrated into our existing infrastructure.



As mentioned above, this is primarily for the articles frequently deleted without needing discussion. This section will outline the specific criteria below.

  1. Abandoned articles — Unpublished articles that have not been edited for four days should be marked with {{subst:aband}} and deleted two days later, permitting that no other edits have been made since then. (Per common sense, removing the abandoned article template doesn't count as an edit, unless it is bundled with another change.)
  2. Copyright violations — Copyright violations should be marked with {{copyvio}} and deleted one day later. Ideally, a new non-copyvio version of the page should have been made before then.
  3. Minimal articles — Articles approximately three sentences at the longest should be tagged with {{minimal}} and deleted three days later. This has been practice at Wikinews before the advent of proposed deletion.
  4. Press releases — These should be marked with {{press release}} and deleted after three days, assuming no one is editing it or trying to make it more neutral. If the press release is copyrighted it can be listed as a copyright violation.
  5. Unsourced prepared articlesPrepared articles that are either unsourced or largely unsourced should be marked with {{subst:unprep}} and deleted ten days later, if the problem has not been addressed.

Duplicate articles are not proposed deletion candidates for that reason; instead, they may be merged and made into redirects with the superior article.

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Articles currently proposed for deletionEdit



Delete articles in this category posted before July 30.


Delete articles in this category posted before July 29.

Minimal and PREdit

Delete articles in these categories posted before July 28.

Unsourced preparedEdit

Delete articles in this category posted before July 21