Wikinews:Proposed Workspace

The following is a proposed Wikinews policy, guideline, or process.
The proposal may still be in development, under discussion, or in the process of gathering consensus for adoption. Thus references or links to this page should not describe it as "policy".

Welcome to the Wikinews workspace, the central place for writing and working on articles.
New users, please see the Wikinews:Introduction to Wikinews. For community issues, see the Wikinews:Water cooler.

Work on current stories

These articles are under request for comment.
If you see a problem with an article, you can add an {{rfc}} tag at the top, but please also leave a comment on the article's discussion page explaining why you have added the tag, so that other editors know how to fix the article.
These articles are under development.
Many of the articles below need work on them in some way; feel free to start editing! To see what is and is not suitable for Wikinews articles, see the content guide and the site guidelines. You may find Wikinews:Article flags of use, in order to invite people to work on certain aspects of an article, or inform them about the state of the article, including a number of common problems which arise.

Requested translations


Uncompleted requests for translation that are older than five days are subject to removal. You must date your requests by adding five tildes ("~~~~~") - if not, your request will be removed. If you request a translation of an article from another Wikinews, please provide a link.

Add a request

These articles are prepared stories.
These stories are constructed ahead of time about an event that has not occurred but that is expected to take place in the future. They are not to be published until an official announcement has been made or reputable sources have been found for the events described. In the meantime, you are welcome to edit them to keep them up to date with what is expected to happen.
These articles have been recently published.

Update leads


Today's news (June 17, 2024)


Requested photos


Requests older than seven days are subject to removal. Only use images that comply with the license terms set by Commons.

Abandoned articles


These are reports which were never finished and which have not been improved for at least 48 hours. Abandoned articles are subject to being listed for deletion.