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Uncle g - I noticed you're preserving the structural integrity of the working model of the proposal. I appreciate that. The category names I'm not picky about, I just want the template names to be short so they're quick and easy to change. I named the categories as I did to reflect the template names, but that's not neccessary. I would think "urgent review" should go before "final review", but I don't know the details of the purpose/motivation of it. Perhaps you could leave a comment on the proposed workspace talk page about the improvements you've made. I want people to modify it, provided that the concept remains intact (a new concept deserves a new proposal) Thanks. Kevin Baastalk 06:41, 2005 May 31 (UTC)

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These articles are under request for comment.
If you see a problem with an article, you can add an {{rfc}} tag at the top, but please also leave a comment on the article's discussion page explaining why you have added the tag, so that other editors know how to fix the article.
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Many of the articles below need work on them in some way; feel free to start editing! To see what is and is not suitable for Wikinews articles, see the content guide and the site guidelines. You may find Wikinews:Article flags of use, in order to invite people to work on certain aspects of an article, or inform them about the state of the article, including a number of common problems which arise.
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A plume of steam, rising more than 1100 meters into the air, spotted by Japanese troops on Iwo Jima.
With temperatures in the 30s, fans went through a lot of water at the Live 8 concert in Rome
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