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Below is a list of all my articles I have ever written.

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  1. Possibility of new graphic health warnings on NZ cigarette packs
  2. More SKY TV problems, NZ
  3. New Zealand Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet employee named as Telecom mole
  4. Pacific tests tsunami warning systems
  5. Two Christchurch, New Zealand, hospitals have a virus outbreak
  6. Nelson, NZ, man trying to sell leg online
  7. Mark Rocket first New Zealander to book Virgin space flight
  8. Mother charged with manslaughter
  9. Sir Edmund Hillary angry with mountaineers who left British climber to die
  10. Family narrowly escapes fiery death in Christchurch, New Zealand
  11. Hundred million dollar New Zealand drug bust
  12. Tauranga man charged with the robbery of a bank
  13. New Zealand to get new postal codes
  14. Man shot in Rotorua, New Zealand
  15. New Zealand's Taupo Airport worst in the world
  16. New Zealand Greens party has new co-leader
  17. Handbag used in Hurricanes assault reached $22,750, New Zealand
  18. Wellington, New Zealand inner city speed limit has decreased
  19. Body found in the Christchurch, New Zealand Avon River
  20. Snow hits New Zealand
  21. New Zealand's National Party's bill blocked
  22. New Zealand to get free-to-air digital television
  23. Auckland, New Zealand sexual attack premeditated
  24. Al Qaeda planned to gas New York's subway system
  25. 2000 houses still have no power in Canterbury, New Zealand
  26. Twin babies in NZ foster home die of head injuries
  27. 85-year-old jailed for shoplifting in New Zealand
  28. New Zealand house prices to fall says the Reserve Bank Governor
  29. Canterbury farmers to get aid because of snow
  30. 35 South Park complaints not upheld, New Zealand
  31. Teenager faces murder charges after throwing a brick at motorway
  32. New Zealand diplomats: Fiat using Maori haka in television ad is insensitive
  33. Microsoft to drop parts of WGA program amid controversy
  34. NZ teenager convicted in motorway case
  35. NZ man stabbed in the face with a 15-centimetre knife
  36. Elderly man's mutilated body found in Wellington's south coast, NZ
  37. Auckland Zoo otter Jin has been found alive (Collabarated with another wikinews member)
  38. 25 more NZ police head off to East Timor
  39. Man arrested for mutilating NZ body
  40. Teacher found murdered in New Zealand classroom
  41. Commerce Commission fines BNZ $5 million
  42. Row over NZ Police memo on issuing traffic tickets
  43. New Zealand policewoman found moonlighting as prostitute
  44. Ninety New Zealanders evacuated from Lebanon
  45. Two New Zealand children die in fire
  46. New Zealand man arrested for murdering teacher
  47. Toll to cancel Overlander train service
  48. Man shot in New Zealand gun shop
  49. New Zealand National Party only wants immigrants of "bedrock values"
  50. New Zealand's new small change
  51. New Zealand suicide rate decreases
  52. Rotorua, New Zealand bans criminals from CBD
  53. New Zealand policeman charged with drunk driving
  54. James Cameron to use Weta Digital for next film
  55. TVNZ allowed to show Rainbow Warrior court footage
  56. Christchurch, New Zealand floods causes havoc
  57. Fire at New Zealand hospital destroys laundry
  58. New Zealand Maori angry over US tattoo kit
  59. Britain terrorist attacks foiled (I started the article, an enourmous amount more was added to it)
  60. Greens Party refines 'Buy Kiwi Made' scheme
  61. Wellington, New Zealand university student missing
  62. New Zealand pilot selling uniform online
  63. New Zealand 'Boobs on Bikes' parade approved
  64. New Zealand army Unimog crash leaves one solider dead
  65. Two New Zealand men ran illegal text lottery
  66. New Zealand riot police use batons to disperse unruly pub-crawl
  67. New Zealand man sentenced to life in prison for murder
  68. New New Zealand Governor-General sworn in
  69. Allegations that New Zealand school administers corporal punishment
  70. Air New Zealand Screen Awards winners announced
  71. TV3 banned from New Zealand Parliament for three days
  72. New Zealand police want bus driver to pay reperation
  73. New Zealand police to trial tasers from Friday
  74. Bull kills New Zealand man
  75. Super high speed internet launched in New Zealand
  76. New Zealand recycles old computers free
  77. New Zealand woman survives being run over by train
  78. Teenager sentenced to four years for manslaughter
  79. New Zealand state house worth $2 million
  80. USA beats NZ in the Wheelchair Rugby Championships 2006
  81. Allegations that, Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark's husband is gay
  82. Wanaka, New Zealand attempts bra chain record
  83. New Zealand's life expectancy raises due to past wars
  84. New Zealand songwriter Don McGlashan wins second Silver Scroll
  85. Complaint made against internet provider iHug upheld
  86. New Zealand government denies financial assistance for Overlander
  87. New Zealand coolest place in the world: CoolBrands
  88. TVNZ wins court battle to screen Rainbow Warrior court footage
  89. New Zealand Reserve Bank phone hacker unpunished
  90. Overlander train service to stay
  91. Filmmaker Peter Jackson to make Xbox 360 games
  92. Suspected bomber identified in 1985 Rainbow Warrior bombing
  93. New Zealand man stopped at border because of unpaid fines
  94. 2887 ecstasy tablets intercepted at New Zealand International Mail Centre
  95. Possible eruption from Ruapehu Volcano, New Zealand
  96. Clint Brown, TV3 presenter, gives unsatisfactory letter of apology
  97. New Zealand seventh in Czech Republic A1GP feature race
  98. Vodafone New Zealand buys Internet provider ihug
  99. New Zealand Government announces record surplus
  100. Trial of teacher murderer still months away
  101. New Zealand bank manager robbed own bank
  102. New Zealand Labour party sells pledge card
  103. United Future announces tax cuts in 2008 for New Zealand
  104. Clint Brown, TV3 presenter, resigns amid attack allegations
  105. Winners of 2006 New Zealand Music Awards announced
  106. New Zealand Post introduces redirection and hold fees
  107. Sir Edmund Hillary receives honorary doctorate
  108. New Zealand broadcasters to pay back National party's GST
  109. New Zealand Labour party drops in latest poll
  110. Millions of old New Zealand coins still to be handed in
  111. New Zealand Xtra broadband "unleashed"
  112. Mutant chicken dies in New Zealand
  113. New Zealand school children put fight videos on YouTube
  114. Winner of New Zealand Idol announced
  115. New Zealand police lose criminal at Heathrow Airport
  116. New Zealand Medical Association says no party pills
  117. Wellington airport denies National party advertisements
  118. Consumers' Institute: decline in New Zealand Internet satisfaction
  119. New Zealand government introduces graphic warnings on cigarettes
  120. New Zealand media sick after testing water filter
  121. Clint Brown, ex NZ TV presenter, investigation complete
  122. Telecom New Zealand to sell Yellow Page Group
  123. New Zealand radiographers plan to strike
  124. 100 icebergs heading for New Zealand
  125. National party: New Zealand prisoners do nothing
  126. Record amount of fires during New Zealand Guy Fawkes
  127. Possible stadium in Auckland for 2011 rugby world cup
  128. New Zealand study shows circumcision cuts STD infection rate
  129. New Zealand police want more taser stun guns
  130. Location of 100 icebergs near New Zealand known
  131. New Zealand students able to use txt language in exams
  132. New Zealand's drinking age not to be raised
  133. New stadium in Auckland for 2011 rugby world cup preferred by NZ government
  134. Belinda Emmett, wife of Rove McManus, dies
  135. New Zealand students given credits for simple tasks
  136. Orcon New Zealand to provide television via Internet
  137. Christchurch can host 2011 rugby world cup final
  138. Charles Upham's medals to stay in New Zealand
  139. Doctor: hoodies are a health risk
  140. New Zealand girls planned "undie run" defended by politician
  141. New Zealand National party rejects waterfront stadium
  142. New Zealand Qantas Television Awards announced
  143. New Zealand's exams start today
  144. New Zealand town subject to window smashers
  145. NZ First destroys Brash's emails
  146. Book written based on leaked political emails, NZ
  147. NZ National party leader wants book based around his emails published
  148. NZ National party pays back owed GST
  149. Injunction filed to stop the decision on waterfront stadium in New Zealand
  150. Auckland City Council supports waterfront stadium in New Zealand (added substantially to article)
  151. Auckland Regional Council supports Eden Park upgrade in New Zealand
  152. John Key new leader of New Zealand National Party
  153. Eden Park to be upgraded for New Zealand's Rugby World Cup
  154. New Zealand Telecom could be split into three
  155. Polonium 210 traces found on three British Airways aircraft (added substantially to article)
  156. New Zealand company planning for monorail in capital
  157. Hell Pizza condom advertisements: complaints upheld
  158. Armed military take control of Suva, Fiji
  159. Don Brash, ex-leader of New Zealand National Party, leaves politics
  160. Great white sharks will be protected in New Zealand from 2007
  161. Genetically modified seeds got into New Zealand
  162. Claims that military is in control of Fiji
  163. New Zealander fired for checking background information on girlfriends
  164. Fiji Military Coup possibly underway
  165. New Zealand runs low on 20 cent coins
  166. Apple launches iTunes in New Zealand
  167. Two prisoners fell unconscious while transported in New Zealand
  168. New Zealand National party: "TVNZ must explain coup threat coverage"
  169. Fiji suspended from Commonwealth
  170. Fiji loses rights to host World Netball Championships next year
  171. New Zealand minister calls for ban on using mobile phones while driving
  172. Fizzy drinks out of New Zealand schools from 2009
  173. New Zealand ex-politician gives valedictory speech
  174. New Zealand local loop unbundled
  175. Yahoo!7 creates joint venture with Xtra
  176. Allegations New Zealand prison guards accept bribes from prisoners
  177. Minimum wage to be increased in New Zealand
  178. New Zealand's worst behaved politicians list released
  179. Minimum purchasing age of fireworks raised in New Zealand
  180. New Zealand secures hosting rights of World Netball Championships in 2007
  181. Saddam Hussein to be hanged in 30 days
  182. New Zealand doctor starts smoking in protest
  183. Hepatitis scare at a New Zealand McDonald's restaurant
  184. 21-year-old man raped by another man in New Zealand
  185. New Zealand holiday road toll at 26-year low
  186. Record low amount of organs donated in New Zealand
  187. A1GP New Zealand speeds its way into record books
  188. Nick Smith responds to claims he is New Zealand's worst behaved politician
  189. Number of breaches during New Zealand's end of year exams
  190. Air New Zealand played movie which bleeped word God
  191. Peter Jackson banned from working with New Line
  192. New Zealand Commerce Commission investigating Australian company
  193. New Zealand's threatened species list updated
  194. New Zealand's NCEA results due today onwards
  195. New Zealanders being urged to become condom testers
  196. Drunk New Zealand policeman keeps job
  197. Flaming possum blamed for New Zealand fire
  198. A1GP Taupo, New Zealand results
  199. New Zealander blind in one eye because of novelty lens
  200. New Zealand policeman caught speeding
  201. New Zealand policeman caught speeding discharged
  202. New Zealand police defend decision to charge speeding policeman
  203. New host announced for 2007 Netball World Championships
  204. Students insulted on returned New Zealand exam papers
  205. Waitangi day or New Zealand day? United Future calls for a change
  206. Suspended letterbox for sale on New Zealand auction site
  207. Postal suspension lifted in Hamilton, New Zealand
  208. Wikinews exclusive: 'speed not behind New Zealand's road toll'
  209. New Zealand exam insulter revealed
  210. Two Prime Minister's banned from Fiji
  211. Former New Zealand politician, Don Brash leaves politics
  212. Google removes posts from blog critical of New Zealand government
  213. Poll: New Zealand Labour and Greens parties gain support
  214. New stars found in Southern Cross
  215. New Zealand political party asks for names of schools under NZQA investigation
  216. Australian PM visits New Zealand
  217. Poll: opposition leader advancing on New Zealand PM, Helen Clark
  218. New Zealand post shop closed due to "fart bomb"
  219. Telecom New Zealand reviews itself, finds fault
  220. Waitangi day to stay
  221. New Zealand's state broadcaster plans to fire 160 jobs
  222. New Zealand's anti-spam bill now law
  223. Yahoo!7 Xtra website launches in New Zealand
  224. Wikinews at "Boobs on bikes" parade in New Zealand
  225. Fijians in New Zealand urged to protest NZ's involvement in Fiji
  226. New Zealand broadband subscribers increase
  227. First Norfolk Island murderer in a century found guilty
  228. New Zealand's Prime Minister supports daylight savings extension
  229. Controversial blog relaunched in New Zealand
  230. Duke of York arrives in New Zealand
  231. New Zealand's state broadcaster warned by police
  232. Lahar at New Zealand's Mount Ruapehu
  233. Ribena fined over misleading advertising
  234. New Zealand PM drops in on Microsoft
  235. Pupils in detention forced to wear orange overalls
  236. Wikinews Shorts: April 9, 2007 (the New Zealand short article)
  237. Television New Zealand annouces job losses; news worst hit
  238. Motorsport: A1GP Shanghai, China results
  239. New Zealand telecommunications ranks low in OECD
  240. Outage leaves tens of thousands of New Zealanders without Internet
  241. Wikinews Shorts: April 19, 2007 (the New Zealand short article)
  242. Australians and News Zealanders increasingly support shared currency
  243. Telecom New Zealand bounces gay e-mail
  244. Daylight savings extended in New Zealand
  245. Free to air digital TV switched on in New Zealand
  246. New Zealand dog saves five children; receives international attention
  247. Dunedin Subway manager sacks New Zealand worker for sharing drink, lays theft charges
  248. Exclusive interview with prominent blogger, David Farrar
  249. Immediate life insurance website launched, first in world
  250. Rubbish tip named after comedian, John Cleese
  251. Exclusive video interview with New Zealand Opposition leader, John Key
  252. Exclusive interview with New Zealand republican, Lewis Holden
  253. New Zealander on oxygen machine dies after power disconnection
  254. Team New Zealand wins fourth Louis Vuitton Cup yachting race
  255. Team New Zealand to challenge Alinghi for America's Cup
  256. Proposed New Zealand Day opposed in Parliament
  257. Emergency Air New Zealand landing performed with no landing gear
  258. Noel Cox talks to Wikinews about New Zealand's constitutional monarchy
  259. America's Cup: Alinghi wins first race over Team New Zealand
  260. America's Cup: Team New Zealand wins over Alinghi in second race
  261. America's Cup: Team New Zealand wins third race
  262. America's Cup: Alinghi are fifth race victors
  263. America's Cup: Alinghi one race away from winning
  264. America's Cup: seventh race postponed
  265. America's Cup: Alinghi wins
  266. Rural New Zealand crash leaves one child dead
  267. New Zealand dollar hits new high versus the United States dollar
  268. Final Harry Potter book goes on sale (including exclusive photographs)
  269. New Zealand's copyright bill report strikes criticism
  270. Politician denies claims he smoked cannabis while ambassador
  271. Exclusive report on New Zealand's digital TV service
  272. John Key admits to visiting strip clubs (added to)
  273. Prisons in New Zealand to introduce mobile phone jamming technology
  274. Virgin opens up service in New Zealand
  275. Interview: cracked iPhone working in New Zealand
  276. New Zealand's anti-spam legislation kicks in – exclusive report
  277. Free-to-air channel sues pay TV operator over rugby screening
  278. Free-to-air channel wins suit against pay TV operator over rugby screening
  279. "Halo 3" creates new opening day record
  280. Trust formed to protect New Zealand's free speech
  281. New Zealand police to charge sitting MP
  282. Kordia's annual report shows increase in profit (I enjoyed this one)
  283. Anti-terrorism raids in New Zealand
  284. Liberterianz discusses a free state with Wikinews
  285. New Zealand police blocked from laying terrorism charges
  286. Naked News presents a new style of news
  287. Protesters march for free speech in New Zealand
  288. Free speech restricted in New Zealand with passing of Bill, say opponents
  289. A1GP New Zealand races Boeing 777
  290. Sir Edmund Hillary dead at 88 (helped with)
  291. Getting the exclusive lowdown on The Lowdown
  292. Exclusive look at Bebo
  293. Game modified to match New Zealand, police investigate
  294. Q and A with New Zealand Prime Minister hopeful