Consumers' Institute: decline in New Zealand Internet satisfaction

Thursday, November 2, 2006

An annual survey done by the New Zealand Consumers' Institute has shown that there has been a dramatic decline in satisfaction with the respondents' Internet service providers (ISP).

Of the over 10,000 Internet users who participated in the survey, only 66% said they were either satisfied or very satisfied with their current ISP. This is compared to the 2005 survey which was at 82%. The reason, according to the Consumers' Institute, is because of national ISP, Xtra dragging down the ratings. Xtra users made up 51% of the respondents.

Only 55% of Xtra's customers said they were satisfied or very satisfied with Xtra, it was 78% last year. Xtra rated worst in every single category. Nick Brown, spokesman, said: "Xtra will be working to improve its ranking. The rapid growth in the broadband market at the moment means you don't get things right all the time. [Xtra is] disappointed with the results and will be going through the details with a view to making improvements."

The best ISP, as voted by the survey respondents, was Inspire, the third consecutive time they have won. 97% of Inspire's users said that its performance was either good or very good.

David Russel, chief executive of the Consumers' Institute, said: "The wonderful world of cyberspace has a long way to go in New Zealand in terms of providing customer satisfaction. Providers must sharpen up on their advertising and improve the performance of their service desks. The big ISPs are promising too much. Broadband speed and the price people are paying are the biggest bones of contention."

Mr. Russell added: "Support, both online and offline is a key factor in satisfaction with your ISP. However, price is still key."


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