John Key admits to visiting strip clubs

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A huge political storm has erupted around Australia after labor leader Kevin Rudd was found to have gone to a strip club during a taxpayer funded trip. This caused many people to ask their country's politicians questions. John Key, leader of New Zealand's National Party, has openly admitted to visiting a strip club after being posed the question by reporters.

However, unlike Rudd, Key never visited the club when he was a politician, nor on an official trip, when he went to the two strip clubs. The two trips Key has made was once as a business trip at New York while working the finance industry, and the second for a stag night in New Zealand.

Helen Clark, prime minister of New Zealand, refused to comment on the visits by Key and Rudd, but did say she, as a woman, saw it as inappropriate entertainment.

Key takes the position, however, that he would never visit a strip club now.