Fijians in New Zealand urged to protest NZ's involvement in Fiji

Monday, March 5, 2007

The prime minister (PM) of Fiji, Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama has urged Fijians living in New Zealand to protest the involvement of the New Zealand government, and PM of New Zealand, Helen Clark, in Fiji's affairs.

The acting PM, and former coup-leader, Mr Bainimarama told the Indian-language radio station, Radio Tarana that Helen Clark is affecting and damaging the way he can run his country, because she does not support him. He also says that New Zealand will damage the 2010 Fijian elections, which Mr Bainimarama intends to hold.

Mr Bainimarama has said that he had wanted to remove the policies in Fiji that are based on races, but New Zealand wasn't prepared to help him. He says that New Zealand and Helen Clark is supporting a race biased government and calls on Fijians to tell her that they don't support that.

Mr Bainimarama took control of Fiji when he initiated Fiji's fourth coup in 20-years on December 6, 2006, saying that the government was corrupt. Mr Bainimarama had opposed the coup in 2000, saying the government was too soft on those involved.

In response to the 2006 coup, the United States, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand initiated various sanctions.