Baseball teams from Taiwan and Japan battled same day in different places

Friday, November 9, 2007

If the same fixture can be played in different countries same day, today in 2007 BWC and Konami Cup 2007 was the best example of this. Two professional teams battled in Tokyo, but two national teams battled in Taichung.

At the Konami Cup, SK Wyverns easily won by ending early the games against China Stars with 13-0 by SK's aggressive hitting firstly, but in the "Uni-President Lions vs Chunichi Dragons", they battled with a pitching game.

The key factors of errors decided the winner in this game. At the top of 5th inning, it started from Motonobu Tanishige's "hit by pitch", with errors by Uni Lions' third-base man Tilson Brito, reversing the match with 2 RBIs with base full chance by Chunichi Dragons, and Hirokazu Ibata's 1 RBI hit, Dragons finally defeated Lions at home (Japan) with 4-2.

In the same time, Chinese Taipei and Japan National Team battled in Taichung. Pre-sale tickets of this match were unavailable in site. To maintain the honor of the host (Taiwan, as of Chinese Taipei), Chien-fu Yang battled Junichi Tazawa in the starting pitch. With a aggressive battings led by Tai-shan Chang, 5 hits scored 3 RBIs in the bottom of 6th inning, and the relief pitcher Fu-de Ni successfully closed battings from Japan, Chinese Taipei won Japan with 6-1.

By results at different places, this alternative battle drew with upholding their own home each other.

Other results from 2007 BWC

Group A

  • USA 2-6 Italy
  • South Africa 4-7 Spain
  • Mexico 2-3 Panama

Grorup B

  • Thailand 2-18A South Korea
  • Venezuela 4-7 Australia
  • Germany 5-15A Netherlands
  • Canada 3-6 Cuba

Tomorrow's fixtures

2007 BWC

Group A

  • South Africa vs Mexico
  • Chinese Taipei vs Spain
  • Panama vs Italy
  • Japan vs USA

Group B

  • Netherlands vs Venezuela
  • Germany vs Canada
  • South Korea vs Cuba
  • Australia vs Thailand

Konami Cup 2007

  • China Stars vs Chunichi Dragons
  • Uni-President Lions vs SK Wyverns