Konami Cup Asia Series 2007 Day 1: Uni-Lions reverses China, SK Wyverns ends Japan's winning streak

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Konami Cup Asia Series 2007 battled in Tokyo Dome today, with 2007 BWC in Taiwan and upcoming 2007 Asian Baseball Championship chained on the qualification of 2008 Summer Olympics, this series may varied Asian's teams recently.

Uni-President Lions (Taiwan) vs China Stars (China)

An alternative Cross-Strait battle became the routine Opening Match in the Konami Cup. For the Uni Lions, they have more actual strength than La New Bears of last year, and they try to win back title to Taiwan. In the China's way, due to the upcoming of 2008 Olympics, their players want to show their strength at this game.

Even though the starting pitcher Nelson Figueroa couldn't press China's batting with 1-4 behind before the 6th inning, with a Grand Slam HR by Chen Lien-hung and a back-to-back HR by Yang Sen, Uni Lions finally reversed China Stars with 9-5 by 3 HRs.

SK Wyverns (South Korea) vs Chunichi Dragons (Japan)

Evidentially, Dragons didn't take any advantages at their home. Instead of SK, they scored 5 RBIs at 6th and 7th innings and finally won Dragons with 6-3 even though Yung Chun Cho was hit by Kazuki Inoue's 2 RBIs HR at the bottom of 7th inning.

Tomorrow's fixtures

  • China Stars vs SK Wyverns
  • Uni-President Lions vs Chunichi Dragons