2007 Baseball World Cup Quarter Final: A brand new semi-finalists except the host team

Sunday, November 18, 2007

In the quarter-final of 2007 Baseball World Cup, because actual strengths of those finalists were merely close, the pitching became a key role to decide a team who entered or eliminated the semi-final.

Japan vs Australia

With the closing by Japanese pitchers Tadashi Settsu & Kohhei Hasebe, and great batting performance by Hisayoshi Chono with his solo HR in the top of 3rd inning and a 1-RBI-hit in the top of 7th inning, who ever hit a game-winning 3-run HR to beat South Korea at 2006 Asian Games, Japan closed Australia with 3-0 winning.

Mexico vs Cuba

It's a pitching game before the 4th inning. After the bottom of 5th inning, with Mexico's starting pitcher Hector Rodriguez was in a unsteady condition, Cuba scored 3 RBIs with a great full base chance. And Yoandry Urgelles hit a 2-run HR in the bottom of 8th inning to tie Cuba's winning with 6-0.

South Korea vs USA

Athletes from Minor League played a key role and made good performances at this game. USA beat Korea with 3-1 by Jeff Karstens' great starting pitching and Andy LaRoche's 2-run HR at the bottom of 1st inning from Korea's starting pitcher Won-jun Chang, the losing pitcher at this game.

Netherlands vs Chinese Taipei

Media from Taiwan focused on this game because this fixture was also taken place past 6 years at the Quarter Final of 2001 Baseball World Cup. Even though the host team (Chinese Taipei) want to challenge the champion, but Netherlands has ambitions to revenge the lost in 2001.

After Vince Rooi hit a solo HR to tie the score with 2-2 at the top of the 9th inning, the Batting of Netherlands was encouraged and started in the 10th inning, with the relief pitcher Fu-de Ni was in unstable, Netherlands scored 4 RBIs. Finally, Netherlands successfully revenged to the host team with 6-2 winning.