Councillors from Taichung City don't apologize about bully scandal at 2007 Baseball World Cup

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Police in Taiwan are currently investigating the "Bully Councillors"-scandal at the 2007 Baseball World Cup. City councillors are accused of showing up for a game with only one ticket, but demanding that two or more people be allowed entry. Several baseball fans in Taiwan protested to the Taichung City Government yesterday. A witness to this scandal, who recorded its process, was threatened by some councilors and hooligans in Taichung City. However, this might be a rumor because some facts are uncertain. A Taichung City Councilor Hsiao Chieh threatened Chinese Taipei Baseball Association (CTBA) with canceling the budget for the 2007 Asian Baseball Championship. In regards to the rumors of a threat that were mentioned above, internet users in Taiwan criticized Councilors with "not wanting to admit their mistakes" and "exhibiting very ugly behavior."

According to the United Daily News in Taiwan, an internet user alleged that a councilor, who was involved in this scandal, claimed his behavior was in "service to the voters". CTBA and Taichung City Government announced to the media that "The scandal was just a misunderstanding" and that "those councillors and voters all had tickets, not bullies" extremely.

Even though this scandal is still being investigated by the police, some fans and citizens are worried that public security organizations and the government will be negligent in their handling of this scandal. They fear the truth of the culprit will never be revealed. The public hopes Taichung City Government will take responsibility for this scandal as soon as possible.