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2007 Baseball World Cup Semi Final: Cuba meets USA 8 times

Cuba vs Japan

The starting pitcher Aroldis Chapman had a excellence performance in his 8-innings pitching. He had a great chance to become the winning pitcher with effective offenses in the top of 4th and 9th innings by his teammates. Even though Toshiyuki Hayashi was hit by a pitch from Champan in the bottom of 7th inning, and Pedro Luis Lazo almostly broke a save, Cuba luckily won Japan by Cuba's final closer Yuniesky Maya with 5-3.

Netherlands vs USA

In this key game, 2A and 3A Minor League players from USA played a great role. Colby Rasmus from 2A hit a lead-off home run in the bottom of the 1st inning. His teammates also made an effective offense to score 4 RBIs by a full base chance in the bottom of the 8th inning. Finally, USA beat the Netherlands 5-0. They will take on Cuba 8 times in the Final of 2007 Baseball World Cup.

Other Results

5th Place Qualifications

Final Day Fixtures (November 18)

  • Finals: USA vs Cuba
  • 3rd-Place: Japan vs Netherlands
  • 5th Place: South Korea vs Australia
  • 7th Place: Mexico vs Chinese Taipei