I would like to ask you several interview style questions about your _____________________ for writing a news article at Wikinews [1]. Please most kindly note that your participation is entirely optional. If you read the message but wouldn't like to handle it, please forward it to someone else at _____________________ who would.

Please note that this message contents is confidential and only a published article would be available to the public. As I work on the article draft I would link you to it prior to submission to the publish queue. The questions are intended to shed light on _____________________. You are encouraged to give detailed answers under assumption that an average reader is simply unaware or may underestimate some of _____________________.

  1. What caused your initial interest in _____________________?
  2. When did you start doing _____________________?
  3. <How do you do / How did you do _____________________?>
  4. Some
  5. Specific
  6. Questions
  7. Of
  8. Interest
  9. What is/was the most time-consuming activity in _____________________?
  10. What future work on _____________________ do you plan?
  11. May I have your photo for a news article (please specify your preferred license for the photo) if you don't mind me also indicating your name?
  12. Please see [2] about photos licensing for Wikimedia. You can choose a more restrictive license, too, if you like. What license would you like me to tag your photos with?

I would publish your answers to questions 1-9 in interview style: they would be licensed under the license used for Wikinews content [3] unless you specify otherwise.

_____________________ _____________________ (name).

  3. - Wikinews Copyright