Soon Wikinews will gain sentience and begin writing stories on its own. It'll look something like this - and still be about as effective as our antiquated human system

Welcome to the Grand Unified Wikinews Technology Center.

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Please leave feedback for any of those at the personal talk page of the author.

Reading, authoring and reviewing tools
  • WN:Dialog -- dialog tools, work in progress
    • Author: Pi zero
    • What does it do?: Create wizards for reading, authoring, reviewing, all directly in wiki markup
    • How to use it?: various places at this web site including the 'submit for review' button, category pager
    • Written in: JavaScript
    • How to help: test the existing wizards; propose new wizards; learn to write your own
  • MediaWiki:Gadget-easyPeerReview.js
    Screenshot of easy peer review tab
    ), last edited in 2016; used by reviewers every day
    • Author: Bawolff
    • What does it do?: adds review tab
    • How to use it?: click 'review' and fill in the form to submit your review
    • Written in: JavaScript
    • How to help: make it harder to lose the review comment written in the box; make it available to non-reviewers in some form (discuss how first!)
  • Android Reader, read Wikinews at Android; last edit in 2010
    Android Reader icon.
    • Author: ShakataGaNai
    • What does it do?: adds 'read wikinews' icon to your mobile
    • How to use it?: click the icon and scroll the headlines, tap to read a news story
    • Written in: ???
    • How to help: test it in this decade; make it possible to write news too?
    • Reader Server, server for the Android Reader
  • User:Gryllida/welcome a bit -- notifications tool to engage readers and authors in reading other articles and drafts
    • Author: Gryllida
    • What does it do?: Allows you to sign up to receive nearly instant notifications of new drafts in your topics of interest. THey are delivered to the wiki talk page or to your e-mail.
    • How to use it?: Click the link and there the 'Sign up' button.
    • Written in: JavaScript and Perl
    • How to help: test it out, ask friends to test it out, suggest how to make it more discoverable. Check its talk page and implement features for the next release.

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