Wikinews:Tech/Eclipse SVN

How to setup Eclipse to use SVN

How toEdit

  • Eclipse
  • Help
  • Install new software
  • Work with "Galileo"
  • Search for 'SVN'
  • Check "Subversive SVN Team Provider"
  • Next
  • Finish
  • Eclipse will ask you to restart, do so
  • When it comes back, it will request you to install from a list of 6 packages. Install the latest version of each (there are different bits)
  • Restart Eclipse Again

Checking out a projectEdit

This only needs to be done the first time you work on a project

How to get LatestEdit

Every day, before you start, you need to update yourself to the latest code base

  • Open Eclipse & the project (Ex from above "WikinewsReader")
  • Right click on the project (in Package explorer)
  • Team
  • Update

What to do if you add a new fileEdit

If you add a new file, you need to instruct SVN to add it to the project

  • Right click on the new file (in Package explorer)
  • Team
  • Add to version control
  • OK

How to check in your changesEdit

At the end of the day, or when you're at a good stable point, you need to check in the code. Please don't checkin code that doesn't compile unless you ABSOLUTELY have to, and are getting someone elses help promptly to fix it.

  • Right click on the project (in Package explorer)
  • Team
  • Commit
  • Enter a comment. Include any bugs you're fixing (And their number, if from the issue tracker) along with a basic desc of your changes (or any new features).
  • Hit OK

Important note: DO NOT check in /gen/ or /bin/ (If SVN tries to, cancel out > right click on the folder in the project view > Add to SVN:Ignore )