Wikinews:IRC workshop

The Wikinews workshop is held once every two weeks in the #wikinews-workshop channel on IRC. It is an open-doors meeting where both veteran Wikinewsians and new users can come and share perspectives on the project, discussing ways to improve Wikinews, and make new proposals. Everyone is invited. For more information about IRC see WN:IRC.

Logs from each meeting will be published on the wiki for consideration.

The next Workshop will be held starting 20:00 UTC on Sunday, July 5, 2011



Topics to discuss for the next meeting:

  • How should we welcome the University of Wollongong's journalism students?
  • What should be doing about the Wikinews:Article wizard?
  • Please feel free to contribute to the agenda

You can suggest more topics on the talk page or edit this page directly to add them!

This is a list of logs from previous meetings, complete with agenda.

IRC access


You can access IRC using Kiwiirc webchat.