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This is my Wikinews account home page.

Some preparations for my first article Andorra Ultratrail.


With thanks to User:Pi_zero as a helpful tutor. – Finally it looks like he had more work to do with all the corrections than me with writing the article.

Next improvements for further articles:

  1. Spend more time to research if and where english sources will be published.
  2. Use {{develop}} not to urge action of moderators to early and waste their time.
  3. Looking up details about sources list more precisely like publisher, author, date of last lookup, official precise name, language ...
  4. Find any native english speaker here around to proofread.
  5. Make a list of possible upcoming sources before writing the article to save time later on.
  6. Set to {{review}} after the sources are completed and a first proofread is made.

Further improvements for next articles:

  1. Short sentences!
  2. Find better verbs and check usage.

User:Lib2know/Review Study