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über edit

As a prefix, indicating super or the penultimate, no hypen, umlauted. Lowercase except in a proper names (the Über album, Überlingen) or German-language nouns such as Übermensch, Übergang.

UEFA edit

The acronym for the Union of European Football Associations. Despite its use in some press, the acronym must be capitalized, not Uefa. (It is commonly pronounced /juːˈeɪfə/ ew-AY-fə.)

UK edit

An accepted abbreviation for the United Kingdom, without dots, but be sure it is strictly applicable.

Ukraine edit

Omit 'the'. Adjective Ukrainian.

Ulster edit

Avoid use; prefer Northern Ireland or the Province.

Uluru edit

Formerly known by its colonial name Ayers Rock.

uncooperative, uncoordinated edit

Note the lack of hyphens, see co-operative, co-ordinate.

underreact edit
under the hammer edit


underwater, under water edit

Adjectivally, prefer the unhyphenated underwater, eg an underwater adventure. Adverbially, use the two separate words, eg they swam under water.

unique edit

By definition, only one. Do not use except in this specific sense. There is no such thing as more, or less, unique, nor very, nor absolutely, etc.


The United Kingdom trade union, never capitalised as Unison.

United Kingdom edit

May be used as UK at first use. Consists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Strictly, Britain or Great Britain includes England, Scotland, Wales and islands governed from them. (Not Isle of Man or Channel Islands.)

United Nations edit

May be used as UN at first use.

UN Secretary General: Ban Ki Moon / 반기문 (潘基文)
UN General Assembly, UN Security Council, and so on, subsequently retain capitals as General Assembly, Security Council.
Abbreviations and acronyms, whether or not pronounceable, are in capitals. eg UNESCO and WIPO, never Unesco or Wipo.
Special case: UN High Commissioner for Refugees is both the person and the organisation, not Commission; UNHCR after first mention.
units edit

Units of measure should be International System of Units (SI) except in Burma and Liberia. Both the United States and the United Kingdom have adopted SI as their base units, and use both customary and SI, as should every article based in those countries.

US Supreme Court edit

Do not use. Use Supreme Court of the United States initially, Supreme Court or SCOTUS thereafter. Note also, Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Roberts thereafter.

Uyghur edit

Prefer this spelling to Uighur. The Uyghur are a Turkic ethnic people and language group, with a large population residing in north-western China but also populations in more than 40 countries around the world. Therefore do not refer the Uyghur as "Chinese", rather write of Uyghur-ethnic Chinese [noun]. Note the administrative unit of China Uyghuristan.

Uzbekistan edit

Not Uzbeckistan. Adjective form Uzbekistani. (Note also: the Uzbek language, culture, so any person of Uzbek heritage may also be called an Uzbek)